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  1. liamdelaney

    Staffy Bull

    If you have to think twice about breeding from a dog(extreme aggression ??)with a bit of gameness in him you are in the wrong breed.
  2. liamdelaney

    Interesting Little Clip

    You have said everything that can be said about Kerrys.
  3. liamdelaney

    Fox terrier

    Seen it all now !!!
  4. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Nobody mentioned British or Religion or Rebels,or UP HERE except you,if you want to debate Politics go on a Political forum.Do not know where you get your statistics on killing from the Ancestors of the hoy poly on horse back killed one million on this Island.
  5. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Was just thinking the same thing myself,what the f**k has Catholics or the British got to do with this debate??
  6. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Your lucky Corkman they are extinct down your way Tom Barry(RIP)burned them all out in 1922.
  7. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

  8. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Its not an attitude its fact.
  9. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Not many have time for fucks on horseback in Ireland,we remember our history,these are the breed that persecuted us and starved us so we ate grass.The working class in England did not fare much better,they were looked on as rif raf and kept down with goal or transportation for poaching his Lordships game(thru hunger).Deep down they still think the same about us.I have told them this on occasions when we crossed paths in the field,once a GENTLEMAN on horseback in redcoat(Irish people have long memories of redcoats,Remember Skibbereen,and Boolavogue)rode over to challenge us while out on a dig,he was told his pedigree and that he would be pulled from his mule and the shit kicked out of him.The days of them looking down at us are gone.
  10. liamdelaney

    Julian barnfield grass

    Not nice,hang the ordinary terrier men as badger diggers.Where I come from thats called informing.You should not give these people the time of day.Never had time for the fuckers on horse back anyway.
  11. liamdelaney


    Great to see young lads so committed,great feel good story,they had a small video I could not upload it,they were giving it shit with a Consaw and it the hole was smoking like a chimney.
  12. liamdelaney


    An eventful week for the lads this week at #Invermark... Patterdale Terrier, Charlie, disappeared down a hole at work, during fox control and luckily had his tracking collar on so was easy to locate. 7 #Gamekeepers over 3 days, a total of 72 hours and under 12.5ft of solid rock reunited Charlie with his owner this afternoon at 4pm. A massive thank you to R K Services in Montrose for kindly loaning a rock breaker to help with the epic rescue mission, that was almost called to an end this morning. The breaker got them through the final 3ft of rock, where the lads thought they had come to the end, however after breaking through the last piece they could see Charlie was alive. Charlie is doing remarkably well and is delighted to be home and enjoyed his owners Bel's Steak Pie for his tea! Well deserved we think! Well done #TeamInvermark
  13. liamdelaney

    Strange one

    If he was sucking them off I would get worried.
  14. liamdelaney

    Strange one

    He has only seen three foxes,give him time.
  15. liamdelaney

    Windy City

    With a name like Lowery he had to be of Irish descent.RIP