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  1. patdahat


    sheer class that is, well done.
  2. i will only set it during work hours for a while and see how it goes, ill piss myself if i see a mouse in this. This was only a time passing experiment.
  3. right i had a go with a few bits of scrap i found lying around, some unistrut lid, plastic screw contanier and some copper cable. it will be interesting to see if it will work . this may be a bit on the small size, but we'll see after a day or so. i think i will use sardine oil first and see if that will work?
  4. elaborate on the milk bottle??? the mouse ate the cat because there was no food.
  5. Right i want to catch a few mice that have moved into the work place. i could go a buy a trap but i want to make a trap. I want it to be the most BASIC and SIMPLE to make. so your ideas will be all welcome, I don't want to know about the bucket with the spinning bottle/roller thank's. everything else welcome.
  6. patdahat

    Silver Mink Mount

    it just ideas at the minute, i haven't anything decided on yet let alone the price of it so in the freezer they will stay for a while yet. i gave a man an otter a while back and he got he done as if he was swimming after a fish in reeds. super class job.
  7. patdahat

    Silver Mink Mount

    it's in the freezer with another chocolate brown 1, undecided yet what way i want to get them done, maybe them attacking a nest or maybe with a fish in there mouth
  8. patdahat

    Silver Mink Mount

    This is a silver 1 I got a bit back hence the reason for me asking about the colour.
  9. patdahat

    Traps From The Shed

    sorry lad's but they are not for sale
  10. patdahat

    Silver Mink Mount

    nice job but where does the silver come into it??. he look's brown
  11. patdahat

    Traps From The Shed

    what would the first 1 be used for mainly?
  12. Could anyone tell me the names and model's of the traps below and if they are legal or illegal to use. They are belong to the oul lad and been on the shelf for as long as i can remember. For the trapping i do i use use the fen's and bodygrip's only. just curious about these.
  13. patdahat

    Pair Of Hare Masks