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  1. fantastic pictures there. looks like all the dogs had a great time.
  2. thanks lads, was a really good day out. Colin always puts plenty of game infront of the dogs and the land is fantastic.
  3. ide of been coming but other plans were already in place. have fun lads.
  4. i feed lamb heart near enough every day. find beef heart is abit rich for them if i feed to much of it so they only get small amounts now and then. all my dogs do really well on them.
  5. am just gunner crash in the back of the van lol, if i have a drink i probably wont care.
  6. hope so mate cause am not buying one on the off chance he might be ok at it lol
  7. any info on the weight pull? im just bringing my staff to have a go, not bringing any lurchers with me. is there different weight/size classes? will i need to sort out a harness ready?
  8. was top morning, cheers lads. couple more pictures i managed to get.
  9. had a cracking walk out this morning with colin and his terriers, the old girl is getting on now at 11 years old but still a cracking little grafter. blaze was same as always, magic. took my 2 pups to show them the ropes, get some good runs for the lurcher and show my patterdale how to go on around cover as i dont have a huge amount of cover to go at on my permission, thankfully woodga is a good enough guy to let me loose on some of his! lol anyway morning started very slow as it was really wet and raining but then the rain stopped and the clouds even broke to let abit sun threw and the last hour and a half was quality. we had some right frisk!, my patterdale managed to bush out a couple of his own and the lurcher made some very good catches, a couple of which were good enough to even impress colin. end of the day was 26 all in and around another 10 managed to escape threw the reed beds and out of view of the dogs.
  10. just wondering why such a large lens would be needed/wanted? there are 60" plus scopes around already. if your looking at china to make one it will probably be rubbish, high quality lenses of that sort of size would cost a fortune! if its to allow more light into the scope then large lenses isnt the answer, better quality is. its will be big bulky and por quality. my swarovski 6x36 scope is better at low light then most mid range 50" plus scopes. simply because of the high quality of the lenses used.
  11. just to join in!, this is my staff. when i got him as a pup i bought him as an irish staff dont really care if there isnt such a thing ill still call him one lol
  12. i take it he hunts rabbits? get a rabbit skin on the end of the lure, tease him like mad with it and get the guy working it to take it steady a couple of times so the dog gets to follow it with out it taking off before he is running after it.
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