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  1. Thanks Tommy That would make sense, McCoy out of Dels Luke as Wilkie go's back to Luke as well so sound line breeding. Cheers
  2. Can anyone help with the breeding of Coco's McCoy bitch please?
  3. Any photo's of them great dogs you could share (zara, ace, wilkie, kiwi, pick, Bruces (RIP) Max)? Im hopping JD will uncover some exploits of these dogs and their owners (understand Juddy P has been covered) in the next Passion?
  4. Great thread lads Anyone know how Del's Luke was bred? Im trying to fill in a few gaps in a Ped?
  5. H Ex layer can work if you look after them right, we pull feathers on one wing put them in the pen, hand feed daily and get a great return.
  6. Thanks for your feedback boys, the second opinion by a vet who actually carries out the surgery was great news. He couldn't feel excessive movement in the joint so doesn't need to operate. I'm made up! Just a few months now with only light walking and hopeful she will be ok - happy days!
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