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  1. I dont know what this cork white terrier thing is about ? There was white terriers in cork long before gripton sent over. Nearly all black and white more than lemon and white. Leggy split haired mongrel street dogs thats all they were.
  2. In days of old , when men were bold. And paper was not invented. They wiped their arse with a sod of grass And walked away contented.
  3. How can there be no terrier blood in an american pit bull TERRIER? what kind of a statement is that ? when i think of old bull dog types, i think of big boned mastiff lookin useless bags of shite that wouldn't get out of there own way, the pit bull wasn't created from these mutts. Terrier blood has to be in them. This reminds of felas with paterdales, big massive bucket heads on them and they tell ya, oh theres no bull in them! and they lookin like half staffs .
  4. Briliant pics there general. Thanks for posting.
  5. Everyone saw what he had against diaz and everyone is still makin excuses for him. He insulted diaz up to his eye balls , and when diaz hammered the shit out of him , its all , conor hes so humble. He got humbled by the right fela , no harm , and if this isn't about money ,why is he bringing up the 400 million ? Hes never been in a five round war and never will be, he don't have the heart or the stamina . And fair play to diaz , he took all mcgregors shite talk and when he bate the shit out of him he could have rubbed it in big time but he didn't , that's what you call being humble.
  6. This thing seems staged , very convienient of him to announce his retirement in Iceland. All the one ,diaz will do the same the next time anyway, you cant beat heart
  7. Ah liam ,you forgot to put on his rosette
  8. Merrick, i like it , if ever a name suited a dog
  9. Weather they did or they didnt , you must agree we wouldnt have a pot to piss in without the old boys today neil, thats why this generation is as good as what you say, and fair play to them ,things usualy get better not worse after time. As someone said ,theres good and bad in every generation,theres always messers . Not all the old lads were flutes ,some of them knew a bit. With the trials , a badger was let loose out of a bag in the middle of cork city one night ,that was the begining of the end of the trials. I dont agree with ya on the old boys makin legends of themselves though , the g
  10. All the oul fellas are turnin in their graves listening to this shit , they forgot more than yee know. BREEDING ,BACKFILLING,GIFTING PUPS,NO DIGGIN CLOSE SEASON, GIVING GAME LAW , all been around donkeys years, wasnt the new crowd that came up with theses practices, they were passed down by your daddys and his daddys daddy , and thats why we have the super terrier man of today , never leaves home without his bellman and flint.
  11. what are you on about ? the old boys didnt use terriers to bush fox ? They used everthing they had. The only time a terrier was slipped was to enter an earth ? its the new generation that has terriers on leads ,old timers didnt even have leads . where i come from anyway
  12. As the title says lads ,whats the strangest thing youve seen out hunting. il start it off , i might have said this before but i cant remember,anyway , we were out one morning and had a dog to ground ,half wheaten ,big hard terrier, we opened up anyway and we said hes on a fox, long story short ,we ended up diggin out a pomeranian, looked like a fox ,must have been belonged to the farmer,the pom got lucky anyway as our dog didnt touch him ,wasnt exactly the quarry we were looking for but it was good craic and we had a laugh about it.
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