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  1. 1of1

    Who do you admire?

    Good post. It will be interesting to see how many will be real one are on here
  2. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    Not the best pic but you can see how this raccoon is using its paws (front and back) almost like hands to handle the terriers. This raccoon actually worked his way on top of my terrier. She’s only a year old but loved every bit of the work
  3. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    I’m with you. reading my post I could have communicated better. I can see how I was misunderstood. I’ll try to be more clear.
  4. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    Thank you. I was trying to communicate that was not my experience but i believe what they other man was saying Only people I was calling out are the ones on the board always calling others liars when they are not their in person to prove they are lying. IMO that is something women do. We all have the right to our opinions but to put it in writing calling another man a liar and we have no REAL PROOF is feminine argumentative and a waste of our time.
  5. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    You clearly misunderstood what i said. I said in my experience that doesn’t happen that often and that i give your friend the benefit of the doubt he must have been around some dogs and or circumstances that made it possible for it to happen. I did not make fun of you or him or call him a liar I outright said that i will take that at face value for the truth. I’m not into all the joking with and poking at other men. I didn’t mean to offend you and I was trying to communicate that I believe what you said just in my experience it wasn’t that common. My my statement was actually motivated by all these people calling other grown men liars without any real proof they are lying. In no way was it to take shots at your friend or you. Forgive me if that how you understood it. Again not my intention misunderstanding
  6. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    In my experience raccoons are tougher. Groundhogs have their traits that make them no simple task for a dog but a large strong boar raccoon is one of the toughest small game opponents in America.
  7. 1of1

    Tougher quarry

    Good idea (edited)