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  1. It's always nice to see them willing to work at a young age. Nice type of terrier too
  2. This might get Irish lads tuned in. It worked for me. Follow these instructions.
  3. the blind dog orginally came from carrickonshannon and went to waterford and from waterford to cork and then he as retired back to new ross Thats correct,P K dought the Blind dog one evening on a farm in leitrim. He was passing the area on his way home from somewhere further north. He later sold on the dog. Blind Dog was called Butcher at the time PK bought him. He was probably about 3 or 4 yrs old. He was mostly Nuttall blood. His father was a dog called Tiny bred from a dog called Jetson and a bitch called Pitch. Jetson and Pitch both came directly from B Nuttall. Butcher's dam was half N
  4. How ya doing dev. Tonic is going good for you now. Paul was telling me about your days digging. Good day for ye. Great to see the younger ones coming along like that. i had jet out twice. first time in a small wee spot. Had 2 out of it. Nice and simple. Had her in another place last week, a little bit bigger. Very good performance from her, got 1 from it. She's off to a nice start now, im very happy with her. Looking forward to Sunday, have a few nice places foe ye to try
  5. pup is doing real good. got a nice big mink for her. she liked him a lot. he fairly got her temper going, so its great to see the interest is there with her. had her out a few mornings with the hound just letting her trail about at anything and letting her use her nose.
  6. good luck with the pups dev. paul text me last night. good job ye got a such a good supply of good food for the bitch. Sean
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