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  1. what did you end up with if "traditional" type cant see the one you missed being better
  2. thanks for the reply and link its not as much as i would have thought is there specific lines to look out for?
  3. i really like the look of them how much does it cost to import one?
  4. its the same in london 2/3 got no bra on... they think its feminism
  5. Looks similar to my boy and same sort of size but like you havent a clue whats in there besides greyhound
  6. You only take half of each parents genes so if a part of the breeding doesn't show maybe this is why
  7. lol so far he seems pretty biddable his recall is ok only time will tell if he comes good though
  8. recently took on a lurcher male the lady that i bought him from didnt have too much info on the dog all she knew was its a lurcher thats 2 years old and was selling due to a relationship breakdown (that old chestnut) i think he is possibly saluki bull grey anyhow ill get him in better condition and see whats what hes staying reguardless if anybody has an idea what his breeding might be id be interested to hear cheers blackd
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