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  1. You have to be cruel to be kind unfortunately and so sorry to hear that mate a fine looking animal
  2. Cancer and diabetes lost 8kg rapidly mate would have been cruel to keep her lingering Apic of her in her prime
  3. Had my old girl put down yesterday aged 14
  4. It would be good to see chartpolski make a thread dedicated to his racing endeavors always a good read when he posts
  5. hes a dreamer during season only come on here just to see whats the coo and always same thing... greb acting like a prick
  6. this greb is a proper helmet aint he... ruins the forum tbh
  7. what did you end up with if "traditional" type cant see the one you missed being better
  8. thanks for the reply and link its not as much as i would have thought is there specific lines to look out for?
  9. i really like the look of them how much does it cost to import one?
  10. its the same in london 2/3 got no bra on... they think its feminism
  11. Looks similar to my boy and same sort of size but like you havent a clue whats in there besides greyhound
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