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  1. You’ll not get better than a drone with one of Kev’s mounts without spending a lot more money,an Kev can fix most issues,if you get any.

    • For Sale
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    In good working order,one b/f collar,one charger,one barryvox pulse £250


  3. Advertiser nick703 Date 24/04/21 Price £250.00 Category Miscellaneous
  4. I made one myself using one of these https://www.screwfix.com/p/double-cup-suction-lifter/6299p, I now have a discovery with sun roof, I removed sunroof glass (4 screws) and made a replica of the glass out of ally plate an drilled a hole in that for the handle ,can be put back to normal in 5 minutes but I’ll not do that until I sell it
  5. I’ve got a t3x supper varmint 223 and a howa 243, the tikka is a lovely gun and very accurate but the howa is just as accurate if not more and was less than half the price
  6. Would love to no where you get these soft bolting Russell’s from,because mine are f***ing full on especially the dogs ,I’ve an 8-9 year old bitch with hardly any teeth but I dig her more the she bolts , maybe mine have some black in the line so there a bit better than other whites
  7. Well done, I’ve swapped the lens in my pard from 16 down to 12 after you saying how good the 12mm is ,as far as I’m concerned the 16mm was crap but now with the 12mm lens in its like a new n/v and 100% better for foxing
  8. One of mine had a tooth to the eye,healed fine with antibiotic drops,also my spaniel had a large thorn in is eye had to be knocked out to remove it but healed fine
  9. I’ve got a tikka 223 and a howa 243, I’m that impressed with the tikka the howa will be going as soon as I can convince the mrs we need another tikka
  10. I used to have a cz semi , was ok with win subs if kept clean, mate has a 10 22 from rimfire magic,never has a problem with it ,ever, but there best part of a grand now but I think worth it to no you’ll not have any issues cycling subs ,think you can get all the bits from them to upgrade your own rifle
  11. I use 58g superformance in my 243 with sidewinder an pard,can’t understand anyone who has deer wanting a 22 250 ,there’s not much difference in speed an drop with superformance
  12. Pine cones are what the old timers used to use
  13. Basc offered me no help whatsoever,pissed me off that much I cancelled my membership just after renewal an got no refund,, post code lottery I guess
  14. I have a good amount of land in the Lincolnshire wolds, loads of foxes there
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