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  1. nick703

    Solaris SRX IR Laser Torch

    Do you have any idea how this compares to the pbir-laser? Seems I'm the only one not impressed with the pbir,l , was going to get one of these but decided on pbir laser
  2. Don't bother looking for it it's shit , third button from eye I think , keep pressing till ya get to it
  3. nick703

    IR Torch advise

    Irlightbuilds on Facebook for a quality ir torch or pbir laser, pbir on Facebook , contact either of these an they'll sort you out with what you need .i have 2 from each of them for foxing an can see further than I want to shoot
  4. nick703

    Photon rt or the pulsar f155

    I've had 3 photons, 1xt an 2 rt, out of the three only one as held zero( the one I'm using now) the first two needed adjustable mounts to zero , the one I'm using now had to have a 20moa rail to zero, look on the net or f/b , a lot of people have zero issues with photons, the one I'm using now is doing what it should but I've no trust in it an will never have another one , all used on a 223
  5. nick703

    1080P Black Night Vision

    Would Blackwood outdoors like to give me a good price for a spare battery for my pulsar helion xq38 , and a link to purchase please
  6. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    My home bred pup, mother had to have a c section an this is the only one that was alive so probably the most expensive Russel I'll ever own, high hopes for him as he's out of two of the best we have.
  7. Don't no about emergency dispatch but you can have humane dispatch on your fac , mine used to have it but not sure if it's still on , an open license is what you need if it's for work but you might have to Get some experience to get it open
  8. Basc wouldn't help me at all, the result was I had my license revoked for 3 years, so I've probably jumped through more hoops than most people for my fac , that's all a few years back now an I have everything back including stalking rifles , centre fire an rim fire. Basc are more for the upper class snobs that call themselves shooting types. Just my opinion
  9. Forget joining basc , they wouldn't help me when I had some fac related issues ( because I'm not the shooting type an have skeletons in the closet) , I'd try for a 22 an 17 hmr , if they refuse you you'll no what to do to make them happy for your next application, an do you mean humane dispatch? ?
  10. My fac was issued on his local county estate, but no point introducing him if he don't associate with shooting types
  11. There not shooting types (paying guns) there lads that help out in return for ferreting pigeon shooting,foxing an all local to you
  12. Don't you no any of the lads that shoot on wentwerth ?
  13. nick703

    223 ammunition

    If l had more time I'd like to try but I'll stick to me 28.99 a box an keep trying a few cheaper ones on targets an see how i get on
  14. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Do ya not the breeding of this one ? Looks very similar to mine
  15. nick703

    223 ammunition

    I'd be same if I started home loading, my wife says I'm not aloud any more hobbies, especially expensive ones .