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  1. I use 58g superformance in my 243 with sidewinder an pard,can’t understand anyone who has deer wanting a 22 250 ,there’s not much difference in speed an drop with superformance
  2. Pine cones are what the old timers used to use
  3. Basc offered me no help whatsoever,pissed me off that much I cancelled my membership just after renewal an got no refund,, post code lottery I guess
  4. I have a good amount of land in the Lincolnshire wolds, loads of foxes there
  5. Not with my foxing setup, weights a ton
  6. I’ve got these an a fox at 100y takes any more than one step an the sticks need moving,I find there’s very little movement in them but you soon get the hang of them , I use them if I have to get out the truck for a shot behind or any I can’t get on from window rest
  7. Says there good for 400y. https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/lighting/scope-mounted-gun-lights/wicked-lights-a67ic-predator-high-power-gun-light-/
  8. Trigger sticks are good but I wanted the clamp system so I can lock the rifle in an scan with the thermal, you can get a clamp to fit primos but up and down has to be done with the trigger or get a ball head, but still a good bit of kit an like you say ,a lot cheaper
  9. There rock solid with none or very little flex, to get a camera tripod as rigid you need to spend similar money,the Ebay camera 100quid ones have to much flex, leave the legs locked out so very quick an easy to deploy just adjust one leg if on very uneven ground, there’s someone on eBay selling the saddles for 55 ish but you’ll need to get a very expensive tripod to stop the legs from flexing.
  10. I was thinking of getting one of them wicked hog saddle things from s/c about 400 notes, seem to do everything a bipod dose and more,anyone use one ? ?
  11. I’d just apply for it an list everything you’ve done but at the end put there may be others but can’t remember the details an they don’t always no everything as during my interview I mentioned a past conviction that was not on my records because it was in a different county, the look on her face when I told her I had an old poaching conviction, (or two)
  12. My last of the year,8 o’clock last night,200y
  13. Think it depends on type of conviction, I had a bit of trouble a few years back,resulting in me losing my tickets, got them back after 3 years, best behaviour for me from now on
  14. I’m wanting to say cci , think,or something similar name I’m there tomorrow night foxing so I’ll double check , I used to have an old cz semi auto that was 99% with win subs ,just the odd one would jam but that was more to do with the magazine
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