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  1. nick703

    What's the longest

    Had one on a spaniel about 12-13 years back , was £350 Vets round ere are nearly as well off as the dealers
  2. nick703

    What's the longest

    maybe she's not that much over, the bitch can keep semen alive inside her, not dogs but with goshawks one insemination often would cover two eggs 5-6 days apart, good luck my bitch had to have a c section last year , one pup £700
  3. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    No mate, used to have some land in South Yorkshire but head keepers moved on now so my permission is his new place , in Lincolnshire.
  4. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    No mate, jno fancy names just a good line of earth dogs
  5. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    No mate, home bread, father daughter breeding because I wanted to continue the line and more importantly I wanted a pup from the best I had available. Pic of father now retired
  6. nick703

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    I've also got a one a these Barry the bad or baz the b-----d or just a little c--t
  7. nick703

    Howa 243

    Or these , I use same type in my 223 53g
  8. nick703

    Howa 243

    These bad boys
  9. nick703

    FAC & rifles for dummies

    I think they just didn't want me goin foxing on there with the 243 , the land is very hilly and would pass for any rifle, I wasn't told I could have a 22.250 , just not to go with the 243 so I said you better give me something I can use on there, land owners said I was ok with any rifle that's how I finished up with the 223 , I'm very happy with my 223 , cheaper to run , less noise an foxes an muntjac don't no they've not been shot with a 243
  10. nick703

    FAC & rifles for dummies

    They gave me a 243 for deer an fox, one of my permissions was just for fox only and not passed for anything above 22 250 so I got a 223 , apparently Notts police didn't have anyone employed who could go out and upgrade said land from 22.250 to 243 , all that doesn't matter now with open license
  11. nick703

    FAC & rifles for dummies

    If you're wanting a 243 you need to tell them it's for deer and fox , Notts police told me I couldn't just have my 243 for fox only, luckily I've got permission for deer, I'm also aloud to shoot muntjac with my 223 .
  12. nick703

    Photon xt

    I've had similar issues with the photon on a 223 , everything is thread locked now including the mounts, still don't trust the thing an check it very regularly, think that's just a photon thing
  13. nick703

    All good things end

    Had a very similar thing happen to my old Russell a few weeks back , I was gutted to see he'd opened up old wounds, lower lip not attached again, he's been on easy ones for a while now an this was the easiest one ever, but probably one of his worst 2nd place ever, back in his day he'd of killed it and started eating it in minutes , he's fully retired now as his plastic surgeon says he's had two many chin lifts , be careful with him even on the easy ones
  14. nick703

    Thermal spotter

    Helion xq38 , bit more than you want to pay but worth it, scot country do some very good 0% finance deals on all thermals
  15. nick703

    No response to e mails

    Try Ian at irlightbuilds, top quality gear an usually replies within a few hours