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  1. kps1979

    Just a few pics of ruby

    Lovely dog and lovely man
  2. kps1979

    Collie/Grey x Whippet

    Sister to fourtracks two above and the scruffy one in distance is there mother
  3. kps1979

    Just A Few Pics

    Lovely greyhound you have
  4. kps1979

    Brack And Pearl 2017

    Looking well mate!
  5. kps1979

    Lunar, Pup Coming Along

    Glad lunar's on the mend mate, she's put plenty away this season, nicely put together and good pics. I'll have to get meg over to clear a few up for you!
  6. kps1979

    Fast Dogs.

    This little sod can motor! (Fawn bitch)
  7. nice one! I think meg would of just ran through it not jumped it..
  8. Had a few invites over to meet up with the guys who have a pup out of my bitch Jess, here's a few pics of young meg and lunar from the litter I bred 15 months ago, both seem to be learning nicely and got a few rabbits bolted for them.
  9. kps1979

    Fao Kps1979

    Megs about 24" two of her sisters are around 23" and the dog I know of is 26" all seem to be doing ok up to now!
  10. kps1979

    Fao Kps1979

    Pups turned out a beauty, much like his dad with a rough coat! Few pics of meg and others out the litter,
  11. kps1979

    Fao Kps1979

    My pups a nutcase, already had a few near misses!
  12. kps1979

    Fao Kps1979

    I was wondering how he was getting along! Seems like he's turning into a good dog and his coats changed colour by the looks of it.
  13. kps1979

    Couple Of Pics From Today

    Looks like some good land there!