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  1. Hi kimE, I was hoping there was a way where I would not have to guesstimate I guess I could put up a ruler and measure the distance between horizontal posts at 30 yard intervals at my most used magnifications, this should give me a quick idea of range given that I can guess the size of the animal correctly. ( or just use rangefinder if there is time). I do plan on, once I get my own spot with high seat or mirador, to set out some markers so I’ll always know the distance… same thing wih the vertical post for range compensation I guess… I wish they made a reticle like the
  2. Hi all was wondering if anyone has some recommended reading or experience ranging with a “classic” reticle? ( german ret 4 or modern equivalent,…) I understand mil and mrad scopes from my airgunning days, but for my future hunting rifle I was looking at a more classic version as I believe most shots would almost always be under 100 yards and the hunting scopes (with the desired magnification range, …) here hardly ever come with a ranging reticle. ( I know ranging or bdc turrets can be had but at high cost). Pbr is one thing but for the longer shots I’d like something that gi
  3. Thank you for the info! Rifle should not be a problem, hoping to get either a anshutz 1782 or a bergara wilderness ridge in 6.5 or 308… (can’t seem to decide on synthetic modern vs classic wood ) 308 ammo will be easier to get over the counter as 6.5 is only just gaining some popularity for hunting in The area (france, belgium, germany.. I really like the Bergara ba13, saw you own one in .300 blackout, how do you like that one? As they are on the cheaper end I’d love to try one for small game / survival but all calibers seem a bit much for that… ( we can only use centerfire ammo so was thinki
  4. Alas poor yorick, more of a slightly better manicured homeless-beard… maybe a catty and lurcher would suit me better
  5. Thanks for the information! Is there a large difference between the recoil in the 150gr 308 compared to the 6.5x55 rounds you use? Do you hunt moose with dogs or more of a approach hunt ,…? I love how you have a minimum weight for big game but can hunt roe buck with buckshot… we are not the only ones with funny rules I guess 30-30 is not allowed on boar here either even though I saw a guy in france take down a big boar running full pelt with a single shot… saw sauer still makes the 100 in 6.5x55 , will keep my options open! kind regards A
  6. Already have the beard, so I guess I have to buy a 6.5 now?
  7. Nice! Ammo wise we don’t have a lot of choice either way… we don’t much of a hunting culture, wedged in between Germany and France where hunting is still quite commonplace it’s painfull to see all the choice they have... i’m guessing if I look hard and drive a good 70 miles I’ll find a store that has quality ammo for either… (hornady eldx when using lead, something barnes tipped when using copper). Out here we have a minimum required power of 1617 fpe at 100 yards from the muzzle to hunt boar… some hunting properties don’t even allow 6.5 for being too weak. I guess everybody here is either a m
  8. Hi all, I’m hoping to pass my hunting tests soon and since I have no hunters in the family or close friends I was wondering if anyone could chime in on a caliber choice for my first rifle… right now I’m looking at 308 and 6.5 creedmoor ( never shot 308 or 6.5 so no idea on the recoil, only ever shot the smaller calibers like 223 and 7.62x39 and most in semi-auto so no reference points there…) game will mostly be smaller european wild boar max 2yo for population control (I don’t have my own permission yet so the owners want the big boar to themselves or it will cost you a
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