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  1. rizla1

    Air Rifle Hunting, Hungry Hunt Heat

    Nice video CH
  2. rizla1

    Air Rifle Hunting, Feral Pigeon Frenzy

    Been watching your channel for wile now, good shooting and not to bad in the kitchen eather
  3. rizla1

    Air Rifle Hunting, Feral Pigeon Frenzy

    Nice video CH
  4. I got one, cracking little guns
  5. rizla1

    Great home made fly traps.

    great idea, made one earlier with bit of minced chicken in and put it up shed, just been up to feed ferret now and i got my first victim
  6. rizla1


    I got a baikal hushpower 410 fully silenced, and its ideal for rats with 2" cartridges nice and quiet, id say its as loud as a springer without a silencer on,
  7. rizla1

    Not a bad morning on the blacks

    nice bag of birds well done mate
  8. rizla1


    View Advert Hw80 Sold Advertiser rizla1 Date 13/07/18 Price £320.00 Category Airguns
  9. rizla1

    Hw 80


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Weihrauch hw fitted with a hw95 177 screw cut barrel, Hawke 4-12x50 scope Camo dipped screw on silencer Brass trigger and guard Brass safty catch Fitted with new weihrauch main spring and tbt kit new piston and breech seals. Leather sling . Measage me any more questions. May swap for pcp or o/u shotgun 12g or 20g


  10. rizla1

    .177 jsb play time

    I been pellet testing in my s410 and those jsb express top all the rest
  11. rizla1

    My Hunting Tools

    Nice guns CH
  12. rizla1

    Feral Control

    Nice shooting CH .
  13. rizla1

    Fox nets


    • FOR SALE
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    8x fox nets 5 foot long


  14. rizla1

    Fox nets

    View sold Sold Advertiser rizla1 Date 07/01/18 Price £40 Category Other Fieldsports Equipment
  15. Been a subscriber to your channel for a wile now some good videos on ther