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  1. Tell yah what cocaine is hell of a drug
  2. Water which that is god dam it
  3. I normally rock a smoking jacket with a cravat pipe lofas monicle no under crackers and extremely long socks right before I under take a mushroom eating session on the south downs
  4. Well it's true you told me
  5. And if anybody wants to contact Plummer Blackie processes a widji board
  6. They rock the same mullet
  7. I think igz off here has got it
  8. Yeah igz is like a batter witch no crossing sticks when he's around he find a deep puddle in the middle of the Sahara desert
  9. Hmmmm what words are used profanities or are they like slogan type words I'm only asking as I would like my butler to do the same but I am undecided what channel to go down
  10. I heard he likes to have his way with a soft filly time to time just before sunset and after a carted stag or 2
  11. We're on the same page here duramitex is hard to come by these days I use the dip now
  12. Yes you end up with a throthy quim
  13. I see the tempo your drumming but you fail to realise the now and again the natural odour is called for as it envokes the true male spirit with in there for making the copulation more vigerous0
  14. The quim is a joy to lather up beer shampoo should be used timotei is to rich you must use something of natural essense
  15. I can only salute the mush who gets stuck in to such things
  16. In those days it was the norm
  17. Was she a well formed gal or of a light framed lass and did she clean up around the garden area or did she let the foliage take over
  18. I salute a like minded mush like I said pen should be put to paper no time must be waisted year evaporate quick in these sollum times we are but a glint in a giants eye
  19. When I was a youth I used to love bringing 2 pups on had more time on my hands then of course
  20. Again I will salute I like minded mush
  21. I salute a like minded mush the stories that's may unfold in near future you should write a book
  22. May the power of Christ compel you
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