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  1. I'm out right now stock breaking my ferret kits last year lad by me had his best 2 hobs pull down a full size yakt no laughing matter
  2. Any body wants to buy a proper bred pup at the right money just message me butt
  3. I like the sounds of this guy I'm gonna buy a grew off him
  4. Dow botha yah sen
  5. Your my agent now do your dam job
  6. Make this cat an offer and il let him go
  7. Chip board Down tmiddle and back o seats the owd wire bed base work a treat
  8. Hot bath and a bottle a gin
  9. Many unspeakable activities
  10. Dont snap my hand off Il need it at some point
  11. 1 of these pups are up forsale if any body is looking for a decent bred dog off genuine dogs
  12. Like the 1 on mad max
  13. No more pups from her mate and thats just my luck at times
  14. Yeah certain vets can be slippery I stick to the same vets I've used for years
  15. Yeah I think you had a dog off a lad I know mate
  16. Yeah it's a night mare mate I'm still undecided what to do the mom to those 2 pups is a good bitch I did the mating to get my self a pup back ideally a bitch but this has happened and even though I have working and kept dogs in the past I just never seem to click with them I could be wrong il just have to see what happens
  17. Moms sound mate she dotes on them two pups always playing with them and cleaning them they are bold pups come out into the garden round the pigeon loft and stuff great to watch
  18. The black 1s up forsale I'm gonna keep the pied coloured dog but I'm not a dog person I'd have a bitch any day that was my plan but wasnt to be unfortunately
  19. Yeah mate worst luck I've ever had breeding do everything right and it all goes wrong
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