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  1. Looks like you had a cracking few days mate.weres my invite lemon83 I'm guessing still in the post.well done tho
  2. Link doesn't work.and whats the postcode to this show
  3. Sounds like a keeper that dog..
  4. Them shovels kaas look very good.do you no the price with shipment to uk..
  5. How does it fit together I want to no I.e a thread or a bolt etc
  6. Can you let me no dimension of head on shovel and how does it fit together?
  7. I no the lad who breed these pups and they were from a bitch who had walked and a 18 mth old dog which was from his last litter from her.says it all really doesn't it about mr bluck.its all about the ££££!
  8. Got them all and a few more as well.all good reads tho.
  9. I'm also blocked from j.b's website.
  10. well this what jb pmd me earlier at 08-55 this morning. To be honest it would not be a good idea for you to ever approach me again and you are not welcome at any show I put on in the future.
  11. he said jb pm'd me which he stated never approach him again in near future and im also not allowed to go to his shows.
  12. seriously here said items were never mentioned to me as for picture not a word..i waited around in sheep shed for 3 friends a good half hour afta id won.which was about 30 foot from ring..
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