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  1. Thanks I just get her out when I can and give her the opportunity she does the rest.
  2. Had to take advantage of the weather although we still got soaked in the end. She had a good workout and put another six in the bag, with some outstanding flights showing her determination and fitness. #38
  3. It's all part of it but this rain is relentless. The ground is totally waterlogged it just can't drain off. I was upto my knees yesterday squelching about pheasant hawking. I was exhausted afterwards, lol.
  4. I get her out as much as time and the weather allow. At the moment its difficult due to the weather.
  5. She has taken a lot of hare in the past, had one a few weeks back.
  6. Finally a Rooster. A lovely point off the dog, flushed and taken in style with a classic mid air bind!
  7. Her reward, a good feed up.
  8. Just got in, for once the weather was perfect. Struggled to mark anything in the beginning. Then had some really good flights. She didn't put a foot wrong. Another five in the bag. Kills 1 and 2
  9. Not been anywhere for feather yet. Yes squirrel bites are a nuisance mate I had a good Harris's ruined by them.
  10. To be honest she's lethal on rabbits
  11. Third one and feed up at end of session.
  12. Moorman 1


    In that case you want the rts mini full kit. That's a bit of a jump for a first bird, you definitely need the microsensory gps system with a longwing. Checkout my crow hawking thread. You will definitely be giving your telemetry skills a good workout.
  13. Three in the bag. Killed all we found and they were all good flights. A good distance and in high winds again. Testing conditions rain sleet and cold strong winds. First 2
  14. Moorman 1


    You want the RS4 for a hawk it's the latest one out I have been giving him feedback on it . Its unbelievable the battery on it is on 100% after 6 hours in the field if you use it properly.
  15. Moorman 1


    The microsensory is the best that I have used hands down its a game changer
  16. Moorman 1


    Don't waste your money, not suitable for bop's. Its worth buying the best that you can afford telemetry is one of those things once you've got it you've got it. Money well invested after you put the time into your hawk.
  17. Very testing day today only found the one rabbit. Flushed him once with the dog then bolted him twice, ending in success.
  18. Will be on a few next week going on my mate's shoot. Just had a cracking flight on a woodcock off a nice solid point
  19. Only found the one today.
  20. Moorman 1

    Here he is.

    Nice one you will be hooked once you start flying him, keep us posted.
  21. Managed 2 kills today, fed up with the rain. Birds was wet from minute I arrived. Had some cracking flights, good for fitness flying when wet. Hard going for the hawk though.
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