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  1. A brace today marked by the dog bolted by ferret. #39
  2. I heard of a guy using a garmin. I was wondering if what 3 words would work although it's for 3 metres square. Could have it's uses.
  3. Out for a quick one. #37
  4. Another nutrunner in the bag #36
  5. First kill today since being laid up through an injury. #35
  6. Yes looks ideal, now I have seen a pic my mate has them. I have a few coats and bib and brace sets from Fortis always served me well. May try a set when I need some new gear. Thanks!
  7. Ah ok I'll take a look I mainly use Fortis gear, can't fault it.
  8. The problem is we have work coming in thick and fast. Can't wait for the weather, as the farmer wants to bring stock in and spread muck! It's ok waiting if you haven't got much work on.
  9. Yes I think that times have certainly changed regarding the law/methods etc. I think once it gets around that you are operating and doing a decent job then word of mouth seems to win every time hands down!
  10. Ha good going mate. We are doing some ground at the minute its full of them. Setting up today in the pooring rain ,frost about in the morning then non stop rain and a stiff wind with it. Just seen the weather, rain for the next four or so days, can't wait, lol. It's a farm high up on the moor, an extremely bleak location when the wind is up and the temps are down. I will keep you posted!
  11. That was my intention then a pest control acquaintance said about using these. I think I'll stick to my original idea, thanks!
  12. Do you think its worthwhile to join/ pay their fees?
  13. I'm not sure she said they were having a new website up and running in January.
  14. Was wondering if any of you mole controllers advertise on AOPMC? Any thought or experiences would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  15. Size, power and strength couple that with the temperament, biddability and easy going attitude of the Harris. Hopefully if all goes well you could end up with the ideal hare hawk!
  16. She's looking good George, really like that second pic down.
  17. Whats the reason for any cross? Obviously to harness the good points from each parent, similar to lurchers really!
  18. Thanks, I will keep it going once I start flying him again. He's off with an injury at the moment, hopefully he will be ok after a few weeks rest.
  19. I wouldn't know.........just seen a few advertised! I agree on putting the prices up though what with the rise in cost of living etc. You have to put your price and stick to it.
  20. Lol, have you seen the price of them if they're stuffed!
  21. Back in the groove #34
  22. Certainly is mate, long may it continue!
  23. Took these this morning on a nearby estate.
  24. Thanks cheers George
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