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  1. Some exceptional flying today in difficult conditions. High winds and heavy cover. Great to see the bird and dog working together. Kill #16 in the bag.
  2. Kill#15 in the bag. A young hare of the year, a decent flight and a great confidence booster
  3. Ideal good to see that your mate honoured his word. Good luck with it and keep us posted!
  4. Another two kills today a rabbit and a miscellaneous #13
  5. Yes I remember the first Harris that I had, it was bred in a seclusion aviary so had not seen people. I flew him free on day four of owning him, they turn around quickly, even the passage birds flown in the US.
  6. Nice looking bird mate how's it doing?
  7. Some spectacular flying today, worked hard for kill#11
  8. Not sure if you are aware mate but this thread is five years old.
  9. Not sure if you are Awre mate but this thread is five years old.
  10. Wanted to test his talon after the injury. Three in the bag and still intact. #10
  11. Just put ad on bird trader it will go if its priced right, and its free to advertise.
  12. Cheers mate, yes plenty going on at the minute. Always busy!
  13. He turned out to be an awesome hawk with exceptional manners!
  14. I once had a redtail that was left in seclusion aviary until February. He took food on day ten, I was starting to get a bit concerned lol.
  15. Some cracking flights today. He's starting to show some style. A nice big buck rabbit. #7
  16. Very high winds and heavy showers today, testing conditions. His first double in the bag. #6.
  17. Popped out for a quick one. The dog had to work really hard to shift this one out of thick gorse. Kill 3.
  18. Thanks mate Thanks, not difficult to keep no more so than any other hawk.
  19. A day flying in challenging conditions, and finally kill #2 in the bag!
  20. Hi Kev, do you have dogs at home? If so you want to man her and have your dog out when you feed/ fly her. At the moment if she's not killing she is just learning what is and isn't on the menu. A lot of Harris's hawks aren't good with dogs unless brought up with them around, as their main predator in the wild is the Coyote.
  21. Thanks, and yes hopefully be OK now we've got the ball rolling!
  22. Started the ball rolling. First kill in the bag, off a nice point.
  23. Another day feeding up on a carcass after flying. Some nice soaring today!
  24. Been flying him for a few day's now and introduced to the dragged dead rabbit. I think he likes it, lol!
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