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  1. You will find that one perching system may suit one goshawk but it won't suit another. Its definitely a case of trial and error where accipiters and perching systems are considered.
  2. You can see the jess extender on my gos. It takes the swivel past the end of the train, so that it doesn't damage the feathers riding up through them during a bate.
  3. D shaped bows don't work properly it needs to be a shallow bow shape. Harris feathers are very forgiving and almost impossible to ruin. I would keep it on a raptor post its not going to ruin its tail on one of those. Braided tethering sets - Hooded Talons WWW.HOODEDTALONS.CO.UK All braid is custom made, and it may take up to 3 weeks to complete your order.
  4. Do away with the bow, is it more of a D shape than a bow shape? Put him on a raptor post and use a jess extender!
  5. Another 2 in the bag today #50
  6. If you don't have any luck you could always contact the BFC they may be able to put you in touch with someone in your area. Good luck mate!
  7. Its very addictive once you have made the commitment. Its a pity that you couldn't find a mentor in your area and go for the gos. Its just that a lot of people go for a Harris or the like then in a year or so want to go onto something more challenging. That leaves the Harris or the Redtail being passed on in one way or another. If you could find someone nearby to lend a hand, you would both gain experience as you go along and would grow as a team together. That way your efforts aren't wasted on a bird that you know that you will part company with in the near future. I am helping a lad in the s
  8. What a flight! wasn't out for long, I had to end the session and give her a big reward. The last flight was the best flight that I have seen her perform to date. The dog was on point in the cover crop, my mate walked in and flushed it, it went out across the open field climbing as it went. The bird was a long way behind and low. To look at it I thought no chance. However she put a massive spurt on rising high and performing a mid air bind way above the tree's, crashing down from around 50 foot to land at the edge of the cover. I still can't believe that she made the ground up and caught it. T
  9. That's great news, I'm glad to hear that you have your inspiration back. I hope that you take the plunge, keep us posted, and thank you!
  10. Another Rooster in the bag #46.
  11. Thanks Fonzie go for it you won't look back
  12. Some cracking flights today. Another 4 in the bag #45
  13. Moorman 1


    They take a bit of getting used to, and are quite delicate, also the parts aren't cheap. I think Nick Fox makes a few quid out of them lol.
  14. One flight one kill New Year's Day hen bird
  15. Moorman 1


    Hows her training going? Do you still have the Harris's?
  16. Yes very much like a lurcher in that respect. Yes I think you would enjoy it for a change.
  17. Thank you! Definitely not a stupid question. They don't take long to learn that the ferrets put out their dinner, if you know what I mean. With a young green hawk you have to keep hold of them until the rabbit bolts, you can soon see that they are ignoring the ferrets. With Harris's we would often cast the hawk into a tree above a rabbit bury, to give the hawk the height advantage, once they are reliable with the ferrets. With Goshawks however they are always flown from the fist whenever possible. As they have the acceleration speed to catch from the fist regularly.
  18. It was a decent distance. Just been out in galeforce winds. Put up 6 hares all in the wrong position with the high winds for a fair slip. Had some decent flying in the wind which made for a tidy workout. Mixed it up with calling to the fist and lure for her rations. So made the most of the crappy weather conditions as per usual this season!
  19. Moorman 1


    Hows the Gyr/Saker coming on?
  20. A cracking flight today must have been around 300yds or so.#40 (Excuse the crappy pics)
  21. Thanks and I will do. That's why they were known as the kitchen hawk. I have flown several Redtails and Harris's. They are all worthy species in their own right. Redtails take a huge amount of effort to get them fit, they can be great birds, but they are buzzards and can be lazy. You don't get the mid air binds that you get with the Goshawks, their ability and flight style is one of a kind. If a goshawk is motivated and entered correctly, with their unique flight style there is no other hawk to match them.
  22. Thank you. I know what you mean we used to call them Robin Hood falconers. Got all the gear but never fly them,lol. If I didn't use it I wouldn't keep it. Thanks mate. Definitely have a certain look in their eyes. Thats good to know, thanks.
  23. Thanks mate, I thought it was getting a bit same old, if you know what I mean.
  24. Moorman 1

    Merry Xmas

    Very nice mate, you've put some variety in the bag with her. Keep at it!
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