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  1. ringer

    Mike Brown

    I know him well, he been packed up a while now , last pups he bred I picked up for mates free of charge plus he gave us his brindle bitch Katie , He sound fella. ATB
  2. ringer

    Dogs and ferrets Christmas do

    Good do trev, some nice land you got there , you have had some sport in them hills this season , long may it continue Ringer
  3. ringer

    New pup

    Cracking pup , from great parents and a good bloodline ATB Ringer
  4. ringer

    A couple of do’s this week

    She coming in nice mate , looking good
  5. ringer

    On some grass land tonight

    Great night mate , you are putting more away than anyone I know we will meet up soon ATB
  6. ringer

    Been local tonight

    Good little do mate, i like her bud , I just had a hour , it was that windy you could just about walk into it and it was fooking slashing down , I had 13 in just under a hour with Earnie and called it a do
  7. ringer

    Out last night

    Dogs are catching great for you mate
  8. ringer

    Out last night

    Thanks , I bred it’s father and still have it’s grandmother honest dogs mate . Atb
  9. ringer

    Out last night

    5/8 whippet 3/8 Bedlington from a consistent line of good honest workers . Atb
  10. ringer

    Out last night

    Another good outing trev ,
  11. Nice pups mate , best of luck with them . ATB
  12. Hi John, I live close to Jimmy , he has had top collies for years, I know his sons well enough to , I know what type of dog you are on about as i hunted them hills since a child . So I understand where you are coming from having had that type of curr dog in the past, fair play as they was once a plenty around these parts , most folk had them but not anymore , the best dogs I saw where bred as you have described, Evan though I don’t keep the cross talked about I am a admirer, all the best .
  13. ringer

    Bediwhippet pups.

    The stud is off mike brown breeding , generation bred , totally different to Laguna . ATB