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  1. Looking for some decent wellies. quite like the la chameau or aigile. Must be neoprene lined. what do folk recommend
  2. Wanted 410 28 or 20 guage View Advert Looking for a cheap or free shotgun for my lad to shoot while out with me. Willing to travel within reason. Advertiser porkybella Date 18/12/20 Price Category Shotguns  
  3. Huglu 103de 12g o/u View Advert Looking to swap my Huglu 103de over and under. Multi choke. Around 5 years old. Have 5 chokes. Good condition looking to swap for a 20 bore shotgun. Let me know what you have. Advertiser porkybella Date 18/12/20 Price Category Shotguns  
  4. Smokey joe im West Midlands im keen to come and shoot with you. Was in a syndicate last year but never signed up again this year. I have nothing to offer you but my company on your shoot. Im a sgc holder and have all equipment been shooting years bud
  5. View Advert Wanted nice o/u Im after a nice over and under around the £1000 mark im willing to put my brand new left handed semi auto for part ex its a hatsan escort had less than 20 carts thru it have original manual full set of chokes. Thank you. Advertiser porkybella Date 20/03/18 Price £1,000.00 Category Shotguns  
  6. View Advert Hatsan escort part ex like new only had around 20 carts thru it. Its a left hander which is rarer. Im looking to part ex for a right handed over and under. Will put cash your way for the right one. Birmingham based. Willing to travel also Advertiser porkybella Date 14/03/18 Price Category Shotguns
  7. West mercia. Waited about 7 weeks from application to visit
  8. Had the firearms officer around today was only here all of 10 mins seemed happy enough said its up to hes boss now to make the desicion. He said hes happy and i should be granted my sgc. My question is how long will i have to wait usially from now he wernt clear on that part. Also give me some decent recommendations for sub £500 for a 12 bore o/u. Regards Rob
  9. Anybody shoot one of these. Shouldered one in gun shop wow what a shotgun. Im sure the asking price was £1800 its gonna be my first shotgun what would i expect to pay second hand good condition if i can find one.
  10. Hugget belita mod brand new used once in original packaging cost me £75 asking £55 posted
  11. Hawke sidewinder 4-16-50 ir sr pro Comes in box with sunshade sidewheel reqlly good condition im after a 40mm 42mm or 44mm objective. What scopes do people offer
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