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  1. DAVE P

    Gut hook .......

    Looks a real smart job mate
  2. DAVE P

    Picked up my new pup

    Looks a lovely pup mate,all the best with it
  3. DAVE P

    A bigger one..

    Realy nice work mate
  4. DAVE P

    Show Us Ya Gundogs

    That's a cracking pic MIK
  5. DAVE P

    Out Today

    It's been a brilliant thread this....always look forward to Sunday's Write up
  6. DAVE P

    Out Today

    Top stuff as always ss
  7. DAVE P

    Out Today

    Top stuff as always ss
  8. DAVE P


    Cracking stamp of terrier All-terrain
  9. Both dogs looking great mate
  10. DAVE P

    chancy pups

    Cracking looking pups mate
  11. DAVE P

    Brought a few home.

    Good stuff mate,lovely looking dogs
  12. DAVE P


    Smart looking tykes MIK
  13. DAVE P

    father and daughter

    Looking good mate
  14. DAVE P

    Bonding with new pup

    Had pups like that myself in the past,just keep doing what your doing and he'll come round in the end
  15. DAVE P

    Misty Morning Roe .

    Really good pictures mate
  16. DAVE P

    Pups first time to ground

    Good stuff mate
  17. DAVE P

    Roll on the morn 😀

    Great pics mate,dog looks in top order
  18. DAVE P

    Punch lines

    Fine looking animals all the same mate
  19. DAVE P

    Punch lines

    Cracking pics downsouth,how they should look
  20. DAVE P

    Mooching in the mountains

    Great pics and dogs look well mate
  21. DAVE P

    Gun dog training book

    Joe Irving and Keith erlandson are two authors to look at mate
  22. DAVE P

    Pups got a swollen ear

    Probably a sting mate...try some antihistamines
  23. DAVE P

    A Good Shoot

    Good offer but A day on the geese wont come close to a days shooting for that sort of money