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  1. dave v mac


    The one i kept has turned out abit big same as the other dog ive got but he can get there, he is 9mts now good head and teeth on him,looking forward to autumn,
  2. dave v mac

    Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire

    Shaneg, i tried afew times to help the border along, but some people are not what they appear to be.so i find it best to keep to my self and do my own thing, shame really as i would of liked to have met some keen border lads afew year back, to old now , hopefully the pups that lee had will turn out ok and they may want to carry on with them,
  3. dave v mac

    Young promising bitch

  4. dave v mac

    Young promising bitch

    Nice stamp of dog, reminds me of Chilean dodger from years ago,hope she goes ok for you.
  5. dave v mac

    working homes required

    thanks for every one,s interest in the pups, they have now got working homes to go to,
  6. dave v mac

    working homes required

    yes chris, had afew pm but 3 still here
  7. dave v mac

    working homes required

    neil and rabbit you are right in what you say, i try to keep my self to my self, so dont know to many dog lads, i missed putting an add in edrd,= there and here are the only places i thought of to try and get the pups working homes, i was hoping that afew genuin lads would have a pup,
  8. after loosing my border dog 3yrs ago ive had to more or less start again, i have 2 borders out of the same litter, i was going to put my old dog over the bitch but it all went pear shaped, i went out and used a dog that has seen one years hunt work , his father had seen six years hunt work, my bitch has only bolted afew, so to get to the point, we are looking to rehome 3 border dog pups, they have been jagged wormed ect, so if anyone wants to try a border dog please get in touch, all were asking for is a permanent working home, not to be sold on or passed around. the dog we have started working end of last season, these pups will be good all rounders if interested let us know, not into borders for money just the work and there company.
  9. dave v mac

    Absolutely Heartbroken

    feel for you darren, ive got 3 border dog pups that need working homes to go to. you can gladly have one if want, they will be 6wks this weekend all the best dave mac.