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  1. 3 near misses, just thought id put this up as im not into reading about covid, last thursday i went over my old stomping ground just to see whats about at one time i lived 10min walk from this wood,got there let the old terriers off started to walk along the bank they put a few rabbits up, all was well as i moved on abit, passed a couple of dog walkers, then i heard a chain saw ,being nosey i went to see whats what, ther was 2 3 guys cutting up trees ,( they look after the wood thats been here for 500 or more years) stood and watched amin, walked off let the dogs of the lead, smash both te
  2. 2 border dog pups , 6wks old,both sire dam here, both hunt up bushing, the fella that was going to have them could not wait,if you can provide agood honest home pm me 300 each,
  3. For got to say warning light did not come back on,
  4. A warning light came on the car, filter may get blocked, so i had to give it a good run , so this morning i put the border ditches in the motor and off i went down the motorway, now i hadnt been to this place for along time ,2,3yrs because the dogs kept dropping in and diggin at 60 is abit to much, when i got to the place i could see alot had changed but still able to have a walk round, the dogs were onto rabbits from the start, went along the hedge out pops amunty one dog was right on its tail off into thick, otherbitch was milling around trying to work it out, after aminute or so i heard ba
  5. Alex bellfield, on you tube has him well nailed, have alook,
  6. Hopefully sorted now dc,
  7. We have had a bitch pup returned to us 7mts old, border terrier,looking to home her hopefully in a working, home ifanyone can help us out please pm thanks dave,
  8. If any of you fellas want a border dog pup for hunti ng up, i have some here, pm me, i wont be kc them both sire and dam here,if no one wants one they will go to pet homes,
  9. I have no info on the 3 dog pups, the dog pup i have is doing ok ,same as the bitch pup,
  10. Know what you mean len, my bitch is a bit like that sticks by me alot, then the next minute she gone,
  11. Yes adam they do especially the dog, the bitch bolted one yesterday she was baying her head off i was pleased about it as she had abit of a hard time on the last one,
  12. We have a few that hunt up well, they are little sods on deer,so much so that there are few woods that i steer clear of, it was ok when i had the lurcher but thats in the past now.they do drop to ground a few weeks back had the older bitch out with 2 young uns put a fox up along abank bitch was in for about 2hrs, dont know if she came off or it bolted as i had to go and get the motor ,my dog bolted a beauty a week befor that.they will rat as good as any , catch rabbits mutty in thick cover.as with all types of terrier some are quicker than others. .
  13. Spot on jossa, keep working your borders let everyone else moan and groan about money,the money dont bother me at all getting out with the borders is all that icare about,
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