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  1. Shame this show clashes with another Scottish show we don't have many up here now, pretty sure it happened last year aswell
  2. I've got a fabarm 8 shot as a work horse can be a bit fussy with lighter loads though I just stick with gamebore and its fine
  3. I remember reading somewhere the powder in the super performance buckets wasn't the same as that hodgdon powder but I wouldn't have thought it be different can't remember where I red it. There's loads of powders that suit a 22-250 mate I've never known one not to like varget try that work up a load with hornady vmax if that's what you like
  4. Personally I don't use them, I've had a look through and been out with top kit but I still to my striker, think what people need to understand tho is to some shooting is a hobby to others it's a job. A thermal or a nv kit could mean the difference of getting a fox in 1-2 nights rather than 4,5,6,7 whatever, which means more time for other jobs or the family.
  5. Do the collars all work? Would you sell em separate?
  6. Never been to the Midlands, I seen today that dogs were stolen at it, f****n disgrace
  7. Better speaking to a welder some of the dog boxes are too expensive for what they are, the cabs are crackers but for that money a welder would knock you up a lightweight one with stainless mesh and you'd still have dosh left
  8. Sounds like fly the boys fishing for some upkilt pics lol
  9. With a pup it's normally pretty simple mate, I take them to a big field with older dogs and let them run about and Fire the starter pistol behind my back and watch their reaction if they don't seem to be bothered I fire another few and leave it at that the older dogs not being bothered rubs off a hit on the pups and it helps distract them. With an older dog or a dog that's shy it's a bit more complicated but in short find something they like doing like chasing a ball or whatever, distract them with something they like while a mates away a distance and fire the pistol and slowly get closer, som
  10. I'm with the other comments, pretty daft move to be honest and I know that might hit home but seems crazy to me to have the 2 of them together while ones ready to give birth they don't always have pups on the exact day they are due my lurcher had hers a full week early a couple of years ago, the pregnant bitch should have been seperated long ago In her own space, bitches can do some weird things when they are pregnant or with pups.
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