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  1. I believe fox-tail soup is okay
  2. Possibly could be but we are on the right track if that's ok
  3. Had a few white rabbits in my time and I think they are referred to as New Zealand whites
  4. As the above says should it be banned from hunting as it is far to easy to hunt with them or should people stick to the good old lamp and battery at least it gives some animals a bit more of a chance when lamping them as sometimes the lamp can make them lamp shy . What is your opinion on it .?or is it cheating
  5. f***ing pissed me off I am a celebrity now tthe wife thinks she is a Eco warrior and one good thing I am sleeping downstairs I don't mind an argument but one thing come out of this at least I've got a quilt f**k ant and dec
  6. Just like to reply to extreme hunter Damn right I can I can skin anything not afraid of no shit anybody who knows me will tell you same only called wife as vicar who married us was probs a sexist as we'll so bring it on extreme hunter
  7. Sorry lads got to go and get me boots on just taking dogs out see if we can catch something for tea tomorrow Tracy
  8. Ps I have already f***ing women
  9. Sorry lads she doesn't know her arse from her elbow she is f***ing serious she has pissed me right off I am sure I can calm her down she will be back on the hoovering and ironing in the morning but I am probs on couch tonight just me and the dogs I sure this argument will go on a while women eh
  10. Not on about strength men will always be stronger than women that's a fact but my shithead of a husband says that women cannot hunt or kill this is where I disagree not all men are natural hunters he seems to think we can only wash and clean whereas I could do what he does (scratch my arse )
  11. I can catch it skin it cook it then wash my own shit up no man can do that been a hunters wife 33years so yes am better than any man ?
  12. I can skin a fox .deer ,pluck anything don't need to go to tesco watching I am celebrity cause my husband just making my tea
  13. Fox finder


    Just having an argument with my husband ,watching I'm a celebrity and he seems to think that a woman cannot match a man at hunting and therefore would die trying I disagree I could catch hunt and kill just as good as any man in order to survive
  14. Well, it looks like we're both speaking from experience then. BUT, I reckon I've a few more years filming experience than you and I don't find lamping films difficult at all.But hey, that's just me...... So, good luck to ya..... p.s, would love to see a few of your lamping pics...... :whistling: You sound like a kid in a playground ?
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