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  1. Race day - Kilwinning - this Sunday

  2. Kilwinning WRC is holding its annual opening day this Sunday, 2nd April from 11am £2.50 per dog. Lurcher racing over and under 23" Non ped whippet time trial open Pedigree whippet racing for our annual Piersland Cup Postcode - KA13 7PH Cafe, toilets and parking on site.
  3. Seems like you can't receive any new messages, if you email the forms to nicola_stewart_2712@hotmail.co.uk that would be much appreciated
  4. West Coast Working Dogs Lurcher & Terrier show will be held on the 22nd May at Pennyburn Football Pitches, Kilwinning, KA13 6LF Showing starts at 1pm All the usual classes will be held along with some racing. Kids entertainment, hot food on sight and more.
  5. KWRC opening day will be Sunday the 20th of March at 11am. (Address below!!) We will be holding a lurcher competition on the opening day, racing over 180 yards, classes will be split to under 23" and over 23" Muzzles must be worn on all dogs. Trophies for winners and bag of meal. £2 entry Some fun races for the whippets and any other dogs wanting a run. Racing will be held every Sunday at 11am for lurchers and whippets. For more information on weekly racing and membership, join our Facebook group page: Kilwinning Whippet Racing Club Hope to see everyone there. KWRLC Dirr
  6. Mum is the white/tan bull cross, dad is the black saluki/greyhound
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