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  1. Correct chart it was abit o fun my name bob , famous dog farming collie greyhound breeder name Cock (Hancock)lol
  2. Young dog doesn't even look like she's even trying ,,I think there might be a gear or two still in her speed tank on video
  3. If ur half Scottish I might let you use him lol..it's up to you Tomo ,,Paddy's paddy ,the late Geoff fletcher breeding Geoff breed him
  4. Haymin has black bitch out paddy ,Tia 1/2 grey 1/4 whip 1/4 wheat, nice bitch must be 6/7year old now
  5. Seen this with a jack Russell before,,,we rescued the jack Russell after it learnt it's lesson ,don't attack our chickens lol
  6. Having a couple tonight...cause I did overtime this week and could afford it ,and a few million lying about
  7. I was told doe nipping them off,, when young ,,again not sure if true Came across this few times,not 100% sure the real answer
  8. Corbin got a soft spot for Terrorists,( shock horror )
  9. Pic I took years ago One man ,one dog and a ferret box in front,and sun was rising in morning
  10. Whippet greyhounds love them or hate them add we bit of working dog in mix ,you won't go wrong,,,stick them behind a golf course rabbit or golf course hare they won't let you down ,,,it just depends on the ground you run, if that type of cross suits you
  11. Looks like she'll be getting back in country. According to sky news Apparently we can't stop them
  12. Makes me laugh,,,they were runaways ,,,how the f**k we know there parents didn't groom them and sent them over,,,then went to police my kid has run away with crocodile tears ???? Just saying
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