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  1. I don't want to be disrespectful but when did whip Grey's become 1/2 a grand ,,unless read it wrong not poor man's dog now
  2. U never wanked a dog like ,,,,,never say u can A I ,,,a dog that can't jump a bitch ,,,,there will be queuing at your door lol I point finger to wife ,,,it's no me ,,,lol just for dog men safe few quid at vets robbing b*****d's lol
  3. If he's able to jump bitch he's able to pump her lol Joking aside was asked last year to use my 13 year old male I said no, due to Corona virus ect ,,,,would he managed probably,,,but now 14teen glad I said no they go down fast way age , however goo do way to go ,, reckon his last mating he was 11 or 12 if that helps still produced not a problem
  4. Sorry to hear that chart Just lost a dog at over 16 teen years old who I thought would have lived longer as physically he was still fit ,but stroke it was not nice happened in morning when kids were up not a nice to see,,so much so my wife wants me to put down my other dog at 14teen next month but I can't do that. I said to her
  5. I believe that socks no argument last time I was out rifle faired bad ,,lamp on running.away lurchers job
  6. Seen it few time guys out way rifle and drops off guy way lurcher and lurcher puts more in the bag ,,as Rabbits to easy to run at flight
  7. Yeah no many now ,,,I only knew it was 90 mins as ,,she was up against the guy and his rifle that night they agreed to pick me up hour half later ,,the rifle young guns came back way 12 ,,,while I filled up there motor way 45 ,,,she missed her first 5 going into feild ,,,,as they say bullets can't run round corners but a dog can ,,she beat same gun on hares on another night ,guy tryed to get her off me ,,but on a dark night ,don't bet against a dog when rabbits ain't sitting for the shot lol
  8. He did alright added speed that's all ,and maybe temperament as very laid back he liked his own company ,,,seen that in a few his offspring owners saying there pups out him don't like greeting our guests and blank them ,lol if only every dog I owed was like that no hassle no getting under my feet
  9. I still have her father ,,and folk still want him to stud ,,,he's 14teen I tell them,,,ohhh but you sure he will still jump my bitch ,,iam like FFS no f**k off lol
  10. 45 rabbits in 90mins in one large feild no mixi ,,when speed lamping was a craze back in the day,, wasn't her biggest bag but I couldn't be assed that night ,speed laming knackers u out sometimes
  11. Country music was good had few whip Grey's out him ,but my best whip grey was out off a whip grey stud called PJ that whip grey was A machine but didn't like mating,, country music and PJ raced at same time PJ was the faster dog and heavier and gave the head start ,but was a Scottish dog so not as much regotition ect
  12. Had same proplem with bitches and two house male dogs ,,stuck my kids pants on,,but also cut n half woman's fanny pad in inside ( don't laugh) which kept pants clean so didn't have to replace very often just replaced fanny pad that self adhesive to pants ,,ect My other bitch came into season I didn't have to bother with her when in season ,she kicked the shit out my male dogs if they even looked at her in the wrong way and she didn't have to be in season at the time ,she ruled the house ,
  13. Cheers chart ,,I had pup out off I'm off X booker T ,, shared ownership of a pup pick of litter out breeding with owner who had I'm off,owner off I'm off was giving up racing ,hence gave away I'm off down south would have been 34lb dog 22inch/ maybe 23inch,,heard it won alot o lurcher racing
  14. Our family up Scotland got couple whip Grey's off Jeff 13 years ago they were decent,,,,I asked him about Tay as iam sure that was a black dog or offsring from a dog called I'm off who was a black dog that went down south from Arbroath/Dundee race tracks was told went to English lad then in 90s that won alot off lurcher races ,I'm off racing name ,was out off country music X hasiey mazey, hence they name Tay, Tay bridge Dundee
  15. Correct chart it was abit o fun my name bob , famous dog farming collie greyhound breeder name Cock (Hancock)lol
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