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  1. Shame this show clashes with another Scottish show we don't have many up here now, pretty sure it happened last year aswell
  2. I've got a fabarm 8 shot as a work horse can be a bit fussy with lighter loads though I just stick with gamebore and its fine
  3. I remember reading somewhere the powder in the super performance buckets wasn't the same as that hodgdon powder but I wouldn't have thought it be different can't remember where I red it. There's loads of powders that suit a 22-250 mate I've never known one not to like varget try that work up a load with hornady vmax if that's what you like
  4. Personally I don't use them, I've had a look through and been out with top kit but I still to my striker, think what people need to understand tho is to some shooting is a hobby to others it's a job. A thermal or a nv kit could mean the difference of getting a fox in 1-2 nights rather than 4,5,6,7 whatever, which means more time for other jobs or the family.
  5. Do the collars all work? Would you sell em separate?
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