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  1. Hi just wondering if all youre shooting was done from a hide where youre able to workout ranges that quarry is at pretty much from youre decoys baits position would you use one calibre over another?Always been a 22 man im gettting a weirauch 97k after having one a few yaers ago and im toying with idea of 177,any thoughts thanks
  2. Buzzin the pup selfentred in the last hr 10mths of the best of care pay off roll on september

  3. matt32

    Deer Dogs

    How can you it be racy if its 25tt 75lb?racy for the type it was and it probably wasn't quite that heavy.think the fact that its owner got out there and put the game in front of the dog ATV every oppurtunitybhelped
  4. matt32

    Deer Dogs

    Round my way there was a lad who ran a bull cross that did them for fun nighttime in the end he only ran the dog on deer during the day there wasn't many deer that escaped if the dog was on there case.if I remember right the dog was a racy type about 25tts 75lb and really loved Bambi's.I wouldn't consider any other dog than bull cross for the land round me if deer were legal again.
  5. I remember as a kid having to order the book in at the library couldn't wait to read it and wasn't disappointed.
  6. matt32

    Feeding Vegetables

    Garlic is supposed to be good as well
  7. matt32

    New Kennel Nearly Ready

    Nice set up just about to put a shed in for a new run how much did the panels cost mate
  8. matt32

    Barney Bred Bullcrosses

    If you work pie lines and like the stuff and its done well for you wouldn't you're mate want a dog similar to what you're working rather than buying in a pup from a line he knows nothing about?not trying to be funny atb
  9. matt32

    Deer For The Dog Raw

    Used to feed it on the bone dog loved it and looked good on it but it did have a few runny ones
  10. matt32

    New Pup :-)

    Bet theres not much left round [BANNED TEXT] way with a pack like that roaming with you like the look of them atb V
  11. matt32

    Decent Day To Be Out With The Pup

    He might be you're first but I bet once you start working him full time he won't be you're last!will pm u bout pics when I'm back home.have a look in my gallery for pics of my old tyke dogvas a pup he only made 25tts but he really got me hooked on the bullx
  12. matt32

    Decent Day To Be Out With The Pup

    Not got any pics that I can upload on here but will pm u maybe able show u a couple of pics. Have lookd again at pics of [BANNED TEXT] dog again but and like you say there don't seem to be much knuckle left but I'm not an expert either this is only my second bullx .I've been sorely tempted to take mine out on lamp for a couple of runs as he seems well up for it but decided to wait as I was over keen with previous dog ,what% is you're lad mines 7\16 9\16 and like yours is quite agile for his size my last bull was more greyhound 11/16 5/16 but I decided I wanted a bit more bull this time end my last dog was a good honest worker that learnt me a lot be happy if the pup is half as good as him cheers matt
  13. matt32

    Decent Day To Be Out With The Pup

    I got a pup same age and spit of yours he's 26tts I've fed him up to 4lbs of meat as he was growing all bought fresh from supermarket I found if your pup ain't keen on a certain food mix in some tripe you can get it frozen at pets at home mix it in and he will wolf it down did this when my pup wasn't keen on defrosted frozen mincemeat,you're pups a cracker i reckon he will end up somewhere between 27 29 hoping mine makes about 28,bet you can't wait for September to get on the stubbles I can't wait ,pup showing promise hopefully put some gear to bed next season atb bud his matt
  14. matt32

    When To Start Feeding Once A Day

    Sound mate thanks for advice
  15. I'm currently feeding my 8mth bullx 3lbs of meat daily split between two meals ,what age should I start feeding just once a day he's 26tts and about 75lbs.cheers matt