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  1. First partridge today. Took a while to fine tune her and at 225 she is a machine. She took the partridge at a 200 yard flight
  2. Started to tape it up, much lighter than a tail guards lol
  3. She's been flying well had to take her down but by bit but 214 grams seems to be her zone. The other day brought new travel box for a spar put her in it and she snap 9 tail feathers. So had to buy a bigger one. Am not happy, live and learn. Got a box for a male Harris so should be good.
  4. Got up fist light to take her out and she was over wait,then tried this after noon at was good. Had fist slip missed and straight back then got her in the folded her up ready for throwing. Up went her pray and i through her down wind an amazing flight and job done
  5. Had some good flights today, any time now she'll get a kill. I'm taking her car Hawking tomorrow to get the done, find and easy one
  6. Weighted her today at 237.5 gram. Now she seam focused on every little movement, and had some really good flights, she was plucking at them, then straight back. And has taking really well to being held and thrown
  7. Weighed 238 and good respons
  8. Had her out today some where new and she was not happy she normally instantly back, but didn't want to fly more than 10ft to me. She's been used to noisy places and this one was wooded and quite.
  9. Started training her for throwing today, she has taking to it quite well. Tomorrow I'm going to throw her at the Lure while a friend swings it.
  10. From Monday she'll be out every day. Let the season begin
  11. Mine the noise came back as soon as her weight got to near her flying wait hopefully when she starts killing regularly it stops. My friend one is totally silent and he feeds his of the fist, I fed mine on the Lure that's the only thing we did different.
  12. Had her out today she weighed 245gram well behaved, she still need a cut on weight but getting there
  13. Took her out today with my friend and his spar. Mine weighed 249 gram and was much steadier than she was before bowing her out for a few weeks and the noise is less. We done a couple of flight to the fist and had a reasonably respons
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