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  1. Another lifeless soul...pathetic...need banning lot of you
  2. Would ask the mods to ban you tbh. You miserable git. Grief is very real and this forum is about supporting one another. You get out what you put into these forums.
  3. Omer I'm greater manchester drop us an inbox
  4. Welcome to forum. Big problem wild boar too. So ethically and environmentally sound plan
  5. Interested. What's the details please
  6. This was the original reason they first disappeared. So suspect as the group have said its likely to come back. The area is lawless to a degree so wouldn't be any management of them.
  7. Last time there was rabbits in this location was the 90s. 30 years since. So It has previously held a population. It's almost 90 acres in size upto the peripheries. Mixture of forest,grassland and sandy moorland . Which is perfect. There isn't natural repopulation as the areas around the land are built up now. Those that know Oldham probably know what where im talking about. Agreed on people getting stuck into it on their own accord as the area has a plenty of housing. The area hold foxes,Badgers, deer you name it. Just a shame that no rabbits which is a key piece of bio diversi
  8. Evening All Been chatting with another member and I posted some time ago regarding the topic. I'm interested in rewilding an area of land near mine for wildlife purposes. So here goes the question. If anyone has any live rabbits please give me a shout would be very interested in releasing near me. Can discuss terms privately. ( Additionally what success or failure stories have you all got ) Cheers chaps Thanks
  9. Manchester looking very good
  10. Thanks Pal. Going to hold for now ( Im only at Oldham too so very tempting! Ive got a bed / whippet bitch but shes 6 now so was tempted to bring on another pup ) As per most of comment thread fair play on pricing !
  11. Hi Love the video! And some QandA at the end. In terms of Ferreting UK vs Oz for me two fundamental differences climate and breeding season. In the UK it is traditional to not ferret in any month without the letter r in it as its the warm summer months such as june , july and august when rabbits are breeding. By not ferreting during these months you get less lay ups when the ferrets kill in the warrens / burrows and eat the smaller baby rabbits ( which if you ever ferret in the summer in UK happens alot) I was always taught to teach the ferrets to recall/respond to t
  12. Paracord a squaddies best friend! Good shout
  13. Is this something you'd still be interested in now or a time gone bye to remain? Thanks
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