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  1. Hi Love the video! And some QandA at the end. In terms of Ferreting UK vs Oz for me two fundamental differences climate and breeding season. In the UK it is traditional to not ferret in any month without the letter r in it as its the warm summer months such as june , july and august when rabbits are breeding. By not ferreting during these months you get less lay ups when the ferrets kill in the warrens / burrows and eat the smaller baby rabbits ( which if you ever ferret in the summer in UK happens alot) I was always taught to teach the ferrets to recall/respond to t
  2. Paracord a squaddies best friend! Good shout
  3. Is this something you'd still be interested in now or a time gone bye to remain? Thanks
  4. Had a ferret get out and eat a couple of neighbours rabbits i sh%t you not! I wasnt a fan with the locals at all!
  5. Thanks lurchers keen to see if anyones up for it. Ive got some time yet so see what comes through yet ( agreed always a massive hit with people the falconry stands )
  6. Btw loving the photo drops and everyone getting stuck in with their thoughts and experiences. From what im seeing it looks positive and reckon something needed to be seriously looked into!
  7. Thats a really interesting concept of getting shop bought but showing the right attributes and realising and seeing success.
  8. Good job were all just discussing the theoretical side of things Thanks everyone. Good dialogue and conversation
  9. Weird idea but honestly i think due to the urban surroundings it just never got a chance to repopulate. Query is would there need to be existing warren networks. Reality is a rabbit just plonked without a burrow is going to have a hard time isnt it....
  10. This is a really good shout !
  11. Hi Tbh i always rub a teddy on the mum or a blanket and bring it back with the puppy. Gives them something to cuddle upto in their first couple of nights. I dont rush forcing interaction and just wait until the pup comes from its bed or box etc Got a bed x whippet will do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  12. Has anyone ever repopulated an area with rabbits? As in got live rabbits and released to get an established population? Got some lovely land near me at least 61 acres perfect grazing fields and woodland cover and sandy soil hillsides but no rabbits. ( There was rabbits back in the 80s until area they where was cleared however theres huge stretches without. Currently has foxes , badges , voles , mice etc )
  13. Would anyone be interested in setting up a casual stall at a local community meet with their birds if prey? Not talking huge numbers of people but a really close knit community fair would appreciate it ? Oldham location Thanks
  14. Ive got some land permission in Oldham - Far for you? Havent got ferrets anymore but be good to get out with my dog Im ex RAVC btw plenty of ex squaddies knocking around You got a dog?
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