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  1. All lot of well made points here, From what I have seen its a combination of factors. I remember one field by the road where I could never get permission with a double ditch running through it that was black with rabbits all summer in 2010. The same field is empty now. This is in an area of low intensity farming. The buzzard population has exploded. But I think the local population was hit with rhd back then and never recovered. We get a crop of young rabbits in the summer . However, now there is always a buzzard keeping sentinel on a post or telegraph line. Pine Martin's have exploded so are probably doing the same job the badgers are in the UK. When I go lamping now in that area I see more foxes than rabbits. The young rabbits seem to survive up to the end of August and the infection takes them and any survivors are predated. Of course this is just circumspection on my part and you would have to do a proper scientific study to confirm the statistically significant reasons for the rabbit population decline. I do have isolated permissions where I ferret but will usually catch only a couple of rabbits. Am thinking of catch and release (check of legal first) as I want to protect my sport. I have seen country sport videos in france and Spain where they built warrens to encourage rabbits to breed and carry out predator control. This type of rabbit rearing is similar to pheasant rearing and is an interesting approach in a different juristication to the problem we are discussing here.