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  1. i live not too far away near Glasgow mate.
  2. Hardly any rabbits about so starting off with the black stuff. A Jackdaw caught in strong winds.
  3. Hi mate if you are on Facebook, you could post this on a few lost and found birds of prey sites. Also if you look up and contact the Independent Bird Register, they will help to track down a possible owner. Cheers
  4. david901

    All run out

    You could also change the quarry you go for. The HH is quite a versatile hawk and can take a variety of game.
  5. david901

    All run out

    It seems to have happened all over the country apart from a few areas. The poor rabbit numbers have dwindled around here too. There are still a few pockets around though and if you only take a few over the season there are some left for breeding. The problem is not everyone tries to conserve them.
  6. Is the breeder Viktor Segrt?
  7. The small male German goshawk I had would have been ideal. He took everything from small birds [accidentally] to cock pheasant. I keep toying with the idea of getting a Czech Goshawk. Small but very brave hunters so I've been told.
  8. The only problem with flying a male on pheasant is they can sometimes become selective and refuse to take cock birds. Though some are real pheasant killers. Also males excel at crows etc.
  9. What does your friend suggest you get? With that amount of experience he should be able to point you in the right direction. What quarry do you take with your HH? Are there many rabbits over there?
  10. There's a lot to be said for the Harris Hawk mate. I know in the USA there are quite a few hawkers who use male Harris for their species of quail. What subspecies of Goshawk will you go for? Can you get passage hawks?
  11. Is your GSP already trained or is it a pup? If its a pup you will find it quite difficult to train both at the same time. I would quite like a go at Quail. I have seen a few videos of Gos chasing them down, unfortunately we don't have Quail here. But we do have pheasant, partridge and duck. I work mine under a Brittany.
  12. I've flown both PR and imprint Gos. Both make excellent hawks if you've got the land and game to fly them at. If flying at gamebirds, you will also need a decent dog. Good luck.
  13. Weight management is weight management mate. You feed more then they gain weight, feed less and they lose weight depending on type of food, weather conditions, amount of exercise they are doing etc, etc. There is more to flying a hawk than just weight management. Are you going to get a PR or imprint? Do you have someone you can chat to that has experience of Goshawks as that may help.
  14. There was a post on FB a few days ago saying that they were working to try and get it back up, but as you say its still account suspended. Its a shame if it doesn't come back as there was some good threads in the Archives as well as the usual rubbish.
  15. My lad as the adult terriers,all heavily Beddy infused,out at least 3 times a week,they literally push hundreds of fox out of cover a season,they bolt more than their share and are dug to a damn site more than many a digging terrier.These terriers are bred for bushing and fox work and need to be of a size that matches their graft,mine breed true to type,There is a lineage behind mine that can be traced back over many,many generations of terriers that graft below to a standard that most would be happy to adhere to.The least worked mutt out of his 3 had a decent season,the other 2 the majority on here would,nt wish to believe the amount of earth work they have encountered,the season before and the one before that to boot.These terriers are taken out and find and push to ground what many a terrier walks past on a leash,then they enter and the reality work begins. Morton about 35 years ago, when I lived in West Yorkshire, a friend of mine had a similar type of terrier as yours Morton, not pure Bedlington but heavily influenced. It was used mainly for ferreting and marking burrows. Though the guy said it had bolted foxes on occasions but as he preferred hunting rabbits he wasn't too bothered. One day my Lakie bitch got stuck in a rock pile at a fox. This lad turned up the next day to lend a hand digging my bitch out and his Beddy type terrier went to ground in the rock pile, found the fox and bolted it like it was a pro. My bitch was trapped under a rock and we eventually got her out unharmed. This Beddy type of terrier was a handy dog and I would bet it would have been a good fox dog given the chance. I also had a Beddy x whippet dog that would go to ground given half a chance and on more than one occasion would draw out a fox. That was 30 years ago and then some...LOL
  16. Corvids are quite hard to catch unless you are car hawking which to me is not that sporting. Also it depends on what corvids you are hunting, magpie, jackdaw, rook or crow? If you have open country then I think a good peregrine or peregrine hybrid takes some beating at rook and crows. A goshawk will also take them well, but you need to be able to stalk in to them within a decent range. For rabbits, I would say a Harris, Redtail or Goshawk will all take them well.
  17. That's a good age mate. Not many birds flown make it to that age.
  18. Remember that the Brittany is a French breed and I believe they are still very popular over there as gundogs. Its each to their own, and what suits one person may not suit another. I too have three of them and I agree that they're not for everyone, but mine suit me for what do. Cheers
  19. The ideal situation would be for you to go out on lots of hunting trips with both male and female HHs so you can see the difference and choose which you prefer and which would suit your land and quarry that you have available. You should try and contact some local falconers and see if you can tag along for a season before choosing. Ask your mentor if he could introduce you to some local guys or else look at The Yorkshire Hawking Club. A lot of guys would be willing to help out a beginner. Good luck.
  20. Hello Victor Thank you for sharing this. I was unaware that there was terrier work in Russia and you hunt fox and badger to ground.
  21. I always exercise my dogs every day when out of season by walking them. A bit of ratting is also good for terriers and helps them from getting bored.
  22. If my dogs are working very hard daily, I sometimes add some Lard to their meals. I microwave it a bit to soften it and mix it in. Seems to help keep weight on them.
  23. I would like to fly a Spar one day, but I am having lots of fun with the Goshawk. I flew a German tiercel for 8 years who flew at 1lb 5 and he took quite a few LBJs in his career as well as crows, duck etc. A Spar would be great fun to fly especially a musket but they seem very fragile and reckless and I doubt if many last more than a few seasons.
  24. david901

    Harris hawk

    Why not have a look at a local Falconry Club. You could go out and see it done also it may get you a few contacts that could help you later on. I know there is a Yorkshire Hawking Club and I'm sure there will be one in your area. I would read as many books as I could on Falconry mate. Try Emma Fords book and also Philip Glasiers to begin with. It will make it easier for both you and the hawk if you can get someone local to you that is experienced and could help you.
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