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  1. R. I. P Ger as said already a true gentleman and only for a handful of lads like Ger terrier work in Ireland would be in the history books.
  2. They only track dog in real time. But flash and beep when dog is marking.
  3. I'm using a pair of collars and box on my hounds since December find them very good once you get used to them. They even work when hounds go aground up a hole when marking.
  4. Thanks for that David I'll try them.
  5. Thanks for all the replys lad. I've been trying to source one from France but they charge crazy money for some of the litters just trying to find someone in France that breds for hunting and not just big money is the problem.
  6. I've paid big money for pointers and got dirt and had a good few springers that didn't make the grade. My friend from France was over last year and I was very impressed with his brittany spaniel hunting Woodcock and pheasant.
  7. Thanks for that voon appreciate it.
  8. Hi all, is they're anyone in UK or ireland working / breeding brittany spaniels. I'd be interested in well bred pup from proper working parents. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hawkeye falconary in waterford offer days hunting. If you Google it you'll get a contact.
  10. City or county of Waterford.I'll keep an eye out for them for ye.
  11. If there's nothing to hide name judges. If people are going to criticise they will after event anyway.
  12. sionnach


    Good breeding in him so.best of luck for new season.
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