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  1. Marks comes out with us occasionally, top fella, and good quality nets,collars, boxes etc
  2. Rabbit fevers mark bell supplies all our long nets ect no complaints here
  3. Apparently he’s pulled out, it won’t be worth investing in
  4. Rabbit fever on eBay
  5. There is one on eBay £8
  6. Correct mate her work is outstanding, you pay for what you get
  7. One of the lads I go out with has the sire, he’s been an outstanding ferreting dog, getting towards 10 yrs old now,
  8. Have you any intention of getting a litter out of her in the future??
  9. Doesn’t seem 2 mins ago since you went to get her, time flys,
  10. she’s ticking all the right boxes so far
  11. I went against my beliefs and got a half x, she has done 9 seasons now without so much as a knock, she will be 10 this Xmas, iv gone down the kelpie route now, I’m made up with her so far, this being her first full season
  12. I’m keen on a merle myself
  13. Horses for courses really depends what type of ground you hunt,
  14. In the sale section if there any good to you
  15. Surprising how many lads leave them til the end of the day, pictures last week of a gang with 100 plus rabbits all laid out ungutted, all blown up
  16. Great start mate, I’d gut those rabbits as soon as you can once they have been dispatched, they soon spoil earlie season,
  17. Are you on commission for these pups mate?
  18. Runt x runt, there just another fad like the fancy colours, angoras, eu polecats ect
  19. Same round me, lads constantly out all year, pics on Facebook boasting about what there catching, claiming it’s “pest control” 🫣🫣🫣
  20. The Rifle lads with night vision will soon sort them out, I’ll just keep putting in the miles, the only rabbits I bring back go straight to the game dealer
  21. Pointless really, putting the miles in to bring them back only For someone else to catch them, people can’t help themselves,
  22. % gnipper there isn’t a rabbit local to me, roll on the winter weather,
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