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  1. Unfortunately not and I've no idea how the feck they are getting away with it. I had a Dan Wesson Revolver sent to me last year, it was sent RM SD. It took days to get it to me after it was sent and opened for the Police to verify it was 'Just' an air pistol. There was no CO2 enclosed, but they decided it was "Prohibited" from flying.! I was lucky, I received it The way they are going now is getting beyond a joke and what is worse is that they apparently don't need to justify their illegal actions. Tony
  2. Your receipt is your proof of purchase, therefore it is your transaction warranty, the law is on your side and she cant claim there is no Warranty, your contract is with her she needs to get it fixed under warranty
  3. That's your proof of purchase then She doesn't have a leg to stand on
  4. In that case, Darryl is absolutely spot on You did get a receipt when you handed over the money?
  5. Was it a secondhand shop? If it was a second hand shop, then you get a standard 3month warranty on secondhand goods AND the shop must be an RFD or they are illegally supplying Firearms.
  6. :hmmm: Cant put a thumb up Andy apparently :{
  7. Andy, din't I just say that Bud? Remember you must snub the Ginsters fat laden crap with pepped and gristle and partake of a decent ang GENUINE "Roes" Pasty (a £3 one will provide you with a decent Steak and spud meal at one side and a decent apple or strawberry/Rhubarb with fresh cream or Custard at the other
  8. Without a doubt it will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the muzzle output IE: ft/lbs I couldn't get my 2250 past 6.7 ft/lbs until I put on an extended barrel, it them went up to 8.9 ft/lbs. Tony
  9. My best guess is: A/..... Your Dive tank may be loosing pressure (just like the air cylinder on the gun; they can develop faults) Or B/..... The gauge may be have been knocked off calibration or even dodgy :-/ A gentle test: Go set up a target on an A4 paper (with a good backstop) Mark the paper with a coloured dot. Zero (or check zero) as normal Aim at the same mark for every shot and count how many shots before you notice a significant drop in the point of impact. If you are getting around 40 shot's or more then it's likely to be the gauge. The good news is that a gauge
  10. BizMags are quite soft skirted and heavy headed, they generally perform very well in pcp's. I've used them to great effect in the S200, bit pricey though round here.
  11. My 200 is .22 cal and I get roughly 40 shots before having to compensate for pressure drop, so I should guess you will have about the same maybe more. The 200's are not that pellet fussy, but so far the tightest groups I've had at 30 yards are Air Arms Fields 5.51 and 5.52 thet gave me a grouping of about 8mm Edge to edge, followed by FX pellets (I cant get them now though) giving about 9 to 10mm groups E2E. Then came Crosman Premier Ultra Magnums about 10mm E2E groups. Bisley Magnums also produced tight groups but never bothered measuring them. You can fill the gun to 210 Bar, however
  12. As above a 22xx, EBxx; HW40 or better still HW45 (assuming you can learn to shoot the 45 that is!)
  13. Both excellent But the Marksman is substantial in length compared to the Twink mkII Tony
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