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  1. Top banana wurz Just 1 glass ov gin
  2. The demand for daystate products Could be there downfall
  3. The lite seems to cloud a bit
  4. I've a mamba and a mamba lite both scb recs Love the mamba but don't really like the mamba lite My mate has a leapers accushot very nice for the money
  5. Shoe box stuffed with old towels or clothes Taped wrapped around it and then targets taped to it Cheap and simple Very very quiet
  6. Well done that man plenty more to come I hope
  7. I've a twink mk2 and a daystate mk6 for sale I'd probably go for the twink or if you have £70 spare a huggett
  8. I thought he was doing a fantastic job Gutted they have sacked him Time to bring steve Bruce back ha ha
  9. To be honest I haven't a clue You could email daystate for info
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