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  1. hi all. after having a bit of a run in with my local gas refill company after asking him to refill the cylinder to the correct pressure of 232 bar (he already filled it but because the cylinder was hot, after it cooled down the pressure dropped to 200 bar. not much good to an air rifle hunter imo) im now in need of somewhere else i can take my cylinders to fill them up with air. anyone know anywhere fairly;y local? thanks mike
  2. hi all. its been a while. my fn19 has a leaky inlet valve. i have tried all of the usual stuff but i cant get the bloody thing to seal. does anyone know who sells spare inlet valve (valve body and seals) in brass. i know the trrobb airguns sells them in stainless but i dont want one random piece of stainless on the gun when the rest of the parts are all in brass any help is much appreciated
  3. Call air arms and ask for the Falcon sales team. That's what I did. You send your whole terrier unit away and they replace the block. It was around £22.50 iirc. Hope this helps bud.
  4. yes, unfortunately, they only have the square toed ones up to a size 7.5. i have contacted them and i am now waiting for a reply as to whether they can get some in a size 12 uk.
  5. hi all. im in need of some botts for the winter and i like the austrian boots. im looking for the ones with the squared off toes as i found that they were very good in the snow! only problem is i cant find them anywhere!! first pair was from genuine arm surplus on north road but i cant get in contact with them until tomorrow. hopefully they will be able to supply me with some.
  6. http://www.aliexpres...6186032763.html it wasnt £10
  7. hi all basically it works great however it needs the lsc on to be very good. if it is off then the light isnt picked up as well. if the lsc is on then that means the camera has a hard job focusing on the crosshairs and keeping focus. if i have it off the foxus stays spot on. any help would be appreciated.
  8. all parts are here. camera alone with t20 sees just under 200 yards. with scope the range is decreased by quite a bit. any suggestions?
  9. hi all. came across this guy who fills diving bottle, co2 bottle and more. he in newton aycliffe and he also rents out bottles for a good price. company name is fox gas.
  10. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Portable-12V-Li-po-Super-Rechargeable-Battery-Pack-DC-for-CCTV-Camera-8000mAh-8991-01-01/1410199301.html sorted thanks
  11. I ended up ordering this.http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6186032763.html
  12. No thanks. I have one on the way from China. 8ah for £15 posted
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