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  1. lad101

    Any lurcher documentaries?

    Purdys progress ?
  2. lad101

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    Comparing a saluki bull grey to deerhound grey ain't really a fare comparison? If you was looking to compare a deer grey to a saluki as an alrounder I personally think the deer grey is a better alrounder for killing reds and stinkers a swell as catching rabbits and hare how many can say they have seen a saluki grey love going into reds and stinkers without having bull in them ? Maybe the odd 1 or 2
  3. lad101

    First Trips Out This Season

    Like the look of that light rough coated dog hows it bred
  4. lad101

    Looking For A Pup

    what site that on mate
  5. lad101


    Any lads on here tried it down aberavon way to sea fish im new to this sea fishing so was looking for places for me and my boy to try
  6. lad101

    Anyone Interested

    I don't know how mate if you got what's app inbox me your number il send it through that
  7. lad101

    Anyone Interested

    Some reason the pics didn post
  8. lad101

    Anyone Interested

    Bridle mate
  9. Anyone interested in buying my bitch saluki greyhound 4 year old been a brilliant bitch just ain't got the time to work her anymore would like her to go to a good working home
  10. lad101

    Mackerel Fishing

    No mate down tenby and yea he was
  11. Anyone know what fish this is l? Little boy had while out mackerel fishing
  12. lad101

    My 2 Ready

    My mate had it off internet I think it was amazon lol thanks lads
  13. lad101

    My 2 Ready

    Thanks mate looking foward to the season
  14. lad101

    My 2 Ready

    My 2 ready for season starts mother and daughter saluki bull greyhounds Fawn caught back end of last season so looking foward to this one with her
  15. lad101

    Saluki Greyhound

    Good breed in my eyes even better with a bit of bull in the mix