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  1. Taggy123

    Pup Nearly A Year Old Now

    Nice pup that mate what x is he?
  2. Taggy123

    Passing Your Motor Bike Test

    Yes did it last year mate.
  3. Taggy123

    Fury Stripped Of Title

    Lol suppose so.
  4. Taggy123

    Fury Stripped Of Title

    For all hes said and done i bet they still didnt mind taxing him.
  5. Taggy123

    Brilliant Video Interview Wth John Fury

    By the looks of it it would be better if john fury took a back seat on his sons career. Hes just making himself and the clan look stupid. Peter looks to be the only one with anything about them.
  6. Taggy123

    Brilliant Video Interview Wth John Fury

    Theres nothing like adding unnecessary pressure and building tyson up for a big fall. It must be embarrassing for tyson unless hes as bad as his dad.
  7. Taggy123

    The Power Of Allah. The Greatest.

    Spaki little paki's and they cost a fortune to keep with benefits and one thing and another ffs. There usless when there alright as far as contributing into the country. All take take.
  8. Taggy123

    The Power Of Allah. The Greatest.

    Dualling banjos deliverence.
  9. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    Not long now bet you will be no where in sight come the minute after the fightif tyson wins i will be on here saying that you had the better judgement and you were right. Will you do the same cushty?
  10. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    Daft talk aside cushty i cant fault your loyalty and belief in tyson. Atb taggy.
  11. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    We will.
  12. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    It will be you cushty when your handing your Q7 over to your mate who youve had a bet with.
  13. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    He is mate.
  14. Taggy123

    Tyson V Wlad

    When klitchko knocks fury out he will be doing a public service for everyone who has been ripped off by these gypsy rogue traders. Atb taggy.