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  1. I have 3 of this mix from my last litter witch have turned out cracking bushing dogs with abit of speed but tend to drop to ground sometimes
  2. I wouldent go near a vitara atall the diffs are like chocolate and tend smash either the planner wheels shear where te prop connects or snap drive shafts
  3. His profile says lady on like 2010. Be handy thing to have. Will look into getting one made up.
  4. Thank's was told him but can't find his profile.
  5. Anyone know the guy on here that makes the folding spades? Cheers
  6. We'll looking for another motor as I have my Vitara up for sale due to lack of room it's grate off road due to the 4"spring lift and 3" body lift and 31" tyre's it's a well kitted out motor just not enough room what ealts is not to bad off road and enough room for 5 dogs? Thanks
  7. you can shoot of the foreshore at dunbar whitesands but need a permit to shoot the bay at john muir beach also need a permit to shoot aberlady nature reserve but ducks only not aloud to shoot geese there ..
  8. Looking for a bellman flint in good condition thanks.
  9. Mine will be for. Sale in a month or so pm me for detales
  10. never got it they were wanting 950 for it and i was told to save my money and get somthing a littel newer cheers guys
  11. Second hand baretta! My twin picked up a a301 for 170 and it's a good gun!
  12. What's your views on a Daihatsu sport track? For some off-roading and a daily car? Going to see one tonight
  13. Hi all looking for a cheap 410 in Scotland not botherd about condition or ejector or not long as it shoots thanks kx100
  14. I'm in edinburgh bike has had new wheel barings and clutch leaver fitted today
  15. Will do it when I am home from the famalies
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