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  1. Sighthound85


    one from the end
  2. Sighthound85

    patterdale x whippet

    what sort of hight did they make i would like these to bush rabbits and maybe push the odd fox out .
  3. Sighthound85


    tracer and a lithium battery for me
  4. Sighthound85

    patterdale x whippet

    thanks everyone for your replies i have two hear i got giffted just over 6 months now hears hopeing
  5. Sighthound85

    patterdale x whippet

    hi anybody on hear use patterdale x whippet for bushing are they any good
  6. Sighthound85

    Not a lot but a great day for the dog

    Well done mate
  7. Sighthound85

    Annual Charity Show

    Post code please
  8. Sighthound85

    Whippet Taking Feather

    Never had a dog to take feather would love one mind you how would you go about training it or dose it come natural
  9. Sighthound85

    Whippet Taking Feather

    Many people have whippets or lurchers taking feather any pitchers of them
  10. Sighthound85

    First Dog For Lamping

    Collie greyhound out of out of good working parents. Great for lamping and ferreting and handy trained
  11. Sighthound85

    My Sons Lurcher

    Lovely looking dog 🖒🖒
  12. Sighthound85

    My Sons Lurcher

    Lovely looking dog 🖒🖒
  13. Sighthound85


    Thanks everyone