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  1. Sold to and collected by garfield. Thanks very much Joey and I hope u enjoy your new rifle
  2. Provisionally sold to Garfield pending collection
  3. I cant mate, it owes me a lot more than what im asking for it. SorryKyle
  4. Hi, sorry for late reply. Yes it is still available. Thanks kyle
  5. Daystate Air Ranger.177, it has the larger 500cc buddy bottle, Hawke NiteEye 3-12x50 scope with sunshade and butler creek flip covers (front one is broken) I have left and right handed bolts and probes, both will come with rifle. There is one 10 shot magazine and a single shot tray, daystate airstream reflex silencer, buddy bottle clamp, harris style bipod, charging adapter, few tins of pellets and a gunguard double hard case. This air rifle has seen little use, no more than 2000 pellets and is in excellent condition. Im looking for £670 ovno. Thanks for looking Kyle
  6. Hi, I am looking at buying a shotgun on guntrader, it's a private sale and is hundreds of miles away. Can anyone explain how you go about doing a RFD to RFD sale from a private seller? And also do I send the money to the seller or does the RFD take it from me? Thanks in advance
  7. Looking for a 410 in Scotland. Preferably in the Glasgow or ayrshire area. Thanks
  8. Looking for the handle for lightforce blitz/striker. Head not required. Don't mind if wires are fooked, but must be reasonable price Thanks
  9. It may help if you list what is included with the rifle. And IS stands for information screen
  10. If I wanted a moderated .22LR, would I just write .22LR + moderator. Or would the moderator have to be on aseparate line? Thanks Kyle
  11. That was my fault, I realised my mistake in the way I had written it, hence the reason I edited it after you replied haha. Thanks
  12. I haven't sent my application in yet, was just wondering how long I could expect it to take.
  13. Anyone recently had their FAC and/or SGC passed by Strathclyde police? Thanks Kyle
  14. Looks like my old one. Are the scopes 4-14x50 pro stalk? And serial number x577? I think that was the serial number off the top of my head. Kyle
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