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  1. jon15

    Pure Greyhound

    People work pure Whippet’s, Saluki’s even deerhounds, so why is a breed that is free of almost all genetical impairments and has been bred for hundreds of years to be the fastest breed on earth and is the base and sometimes the majority of almost every lurcher so rarely raised as a lurcher?!
  2. jon15

    Pure Greyhound

    Anyone raised a pure greyhound as a lurcher? And how did it turn out.
  3. jon15

    Swapping 243 for 270

    I have a 243 and a 270, use the 243 for most of my stalking, have shot everything with it muntjac to reds and all have dropped with a well placed shot. The 270 is a different beast, yes it has more recoil but it also has much more knock down power, and on longer range stuff, stags in forestry at 200m plus close to last light I would always take my 270. I have never found mine too much to shoot and in my experience (sold my 308) to buy the 270 no noticible difference, also I have used it with very good effect on driven boar. Personally, I think if you get a rifle that fits you properly recoil is not a problem. Anyway good luck in choosing and happy stalking.
  4. Thank you for the replies.
  5. I would be grateful to know if anyone has actual experience of this type of mating and if they had any whelping issues. thanks.
  6. jon15


    What do people prefer a to run their dogs with, a narrow LED type beam with little light spill or a conventional bulb type lamp with a more open beam?
  7. Season about to start, need a new lamp to run my dog with, what should I get?
  8. Would like to here from the people who work pedigree whippets. I have listened to a few people and some say you need to get a working bred - bigger framed dog around the 21"-22" and 30+lbs and others have said that the lighter framed pedigree racing breds are quicker and better on the turn and make very good rabbiting dogs. I would be very interested to here any views from people that actually work either or both types or have seen them work. Many thanks.
  9. Little fish, no I do not know the breeding of the bitch Lurcher x Lurcher, and no I will not be having a pup they just belong to a friend.
  10. jon15

    small type lurchers

    She is a cracking looking bitch, how is she bred ? how was the sire to the pup bred? Happy hunting.
  11. jon15

    Which Club?

    Morning, I have just moved back to Suffolk and have had a couple of days wildfowling with friends in Kent and have been bitten by the bug, I have now decided to join a club and do some myself. I have been on the internet and have found two clubs both within an hour of me, The Kings Lynn's and west Norfolk Wildfowling association and the Fen wildfowling association, I appreciate I will have to be interviewed by the clubs as I do not yet know anyone in the area who is a wildfowler, but can anyone recommend either club. I am really looking for a friendly club with a few members who would be kind enough to help me learn the finer arts of foreshore shooting. Any help much appreciated.
  12. Thank you guys, for all of your advise. I was out this morning and saw another young buck with a doe which took off into the rape, never to be seen again! Cover was so thick in all of the woodland belts and hedges i could have been ten feet from a buck and still not seen one, will wait until the rut now and hope to get some on the 2nd cut silage ground. Happy hunting.
  13. Have had a great start to the buck season, have had five so far but all have been young bucks. I know the land i stalk has big bucks on as i have seen a lot of them whilst out doe stalking. Can anyone shed any light on to the habits of the mature bucks? Happy hunting.