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  1. Pud this is one of the best threads I've followed, great pictures infact the best I've seen. When's the next book out mate. Like the teckle shots, keep up the good work. Atb
  2. Thanks I'm looking to get them from dogru Want bars mate, think I'm sorted now,
  3. Looking for some steel panels to go on front of wooden kennel, anyone know we're to get them at decent price, atb.
  4. They look handy mate, my bitch will go through any cover and she's produced some good all round rabbit dog's when bred to a whippet, I'll get some pics up after work. Atb
  5. I've seen lads get pups from good working stock and payed crazy money because they thought they was getting a well bred pup from working kennel, dog so called jacked before it was two, then iv seen dog's that were fifty quid and grafted most it's life, it's what you put into them, enterd properly and not rushed most terriers will enter and same with lurchers,,
  6. Depends what you call a jacker and what age I've nown lads to get rid of so called jackers to o go on to be good grafters with someone else who took there time entering. Atb.
  7. Your lucky mate, lost a Jill last year who was still feeding kits as she got out while cleaning, didn't get her back for two weeks, luckily we had another Jill nursing a litter so she had the job of feeding two litters. Atb Jerry
  8. Jerry71


    My heart goes out to you both, good to hear the dog's, ferrets are taken by good lads.stay strong.atb
  9. Cracking dog's bill, like the white brindle, atb
  10. That's one thing I never do,, I just say I keep mooching dogs and never put pics up of the pests they control and I have never needed the company of anyone but my dogs when out in the field. I'm not saying I ain't had some good days with other lads as I have but I like being out on my own. Atvb
  11. Dc I have no gripe with anyone on here,I enjoy your threads etc, I was wishing the lad luck like I would anyone getting a pup, what I don't get is all the bickering etc and that's not ment towards you. If folk posting are cnuts they will soon be found out. In the 35 years I've run dogs iv seen loads of fools but they soon move on to the next thing. I keep myself to myself I get less problems that way. Atvb
  12. Bang on, don't matter how much new shiny kit some have if you ain't got the time to get out your never going to catch much and it's a waste of a dog. Seen plenty of lads on the dole who put plenty of time and game in front of there dogs. Dogs fed, kenneled as good as any. Atb
  13. Hope you get a pup mate, always someone on here putting others down.just blank them and do your own thing, atb
  14. Got a Bedlington greyhound fl that's just the same, wants to go flat out and it's quite scary. All legs and mad as box frogs but she will settle, why are they called bob cock. Atb
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