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  1. Good looking lad the one in the middle in the lurcher pic. No not you Kev
  2. Kev get the pics up.
  3. Long way but defo worth it. Kev and Pat you wanna be proud of what you achieve. Keep up the work with the federation you deserve medals.
  4. burnie69

    Importing Birds From Usa

    Both times I had 31 eggs outta 37 . Good success but they were brought in a suitcase . Not through the postal service.
  5. burnie69

    Importing Birds From Usa

    I've imported eggs but not birds. I know Defra are involved when live birds are brought in .
  6. burnie69

    New Bellman And Flint

  7. burnie69


    Yes 62,0000 laying stock. It happened a few weeks ago now.
  8. burnie69

    Banger Ropes

    Super mate you?
  9. burnie69

    New Bellman And Flint

    New Bellman & Flint locator. Still boxed never been dug to. Been on a young dog once. Rechargeable red box and rechargeable collar type. Newest one out . Bought last year still got receipt showing what I paid. Collection only from Oxfordshire. £ 295. Saving nearly £100 on new price . Pm me .
  10. burnie69

    Banger Ropes

    Your still a blind Fooker then
  11. burnie69

    Dave Platts Fowl

  12. burnie69

    Idiots We Could Do Without

    That's all the dog game needs.
  13. burnie69

    Would You For £1000,000

    No a monkey for certain
  14. burnie69

    Would You For £1000,000

    I'd press the button that was the question wasn't it.
  15. burnie69

    Would You For £1000,000

    Gnash you've changed the question. Pressing the button bare hands face to face with the person who knocked on my door. I've girl hands there not strong enough to neck a rabbit let alone kill someone