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  1. i wouldnot like to be him hes taking his chances and running them yanks wont leave it at that hell have something happen to him
  2. this is for dais dogs im just gonna do this mating pups will be on bulldog papers,im only expecting a small litter,i think all the pups are gone
  3. what are the titles of his books tomo i dont read much,but id read them
  4. watched mr nice last night ive seen it before but not for a while good film
  5. sorry to hear that ray you will know what to do when the time comes hope you have a cracking day with your family
  6. put yer feet up when the kids are knackered have a nice cup of tea preferably yorkshire tea make a nice three skin and relax magic
  7. i got offered a gloch for 500 with ten bullets a couple of years back i wanted it the missus told me no f***ing way she always had more brains than me lol
  8. happy birthday for tomorrow harry have a good one
  9. not sure blacky i told the missus to get one out ill try it i thought they looked done we have only been growing veg for the past couple of years,weve just expanded the veg plot today i must admit im hooked just tasted a radish lovely they are done
  10. what a thing to say i reckon your half a faggot to think like that
  11. it must be a mistake mate ive only read good posts from him
  12. probally puke everywhere i have never halucinated on weed ive been f****d on oil from the plants its always people who like a drink that say shit like that drink is far worse than weed imo
  13. can you imagine if they done it to a mosque there would be uproars they all need a good kicking
  14. yeah i f***ing saw that their taking the piss
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