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  1. Your inane waffle on a forum where you clearly dislike the company you keep is slightly annoying and puzzling, to coin your phrase of "wind and piss", don't you realise you are pissing in the wind? No one really gives a damn about your opinion! but what's more fukking annoying is your constant use of "yous" ? Is this because you don't know the difference between you, your, you're etc?
  2. Why does he need that? I thought thl was a help group for the feeble of mind ?? Let's talk ?
  3. Thanks for the knowledge guys ? Appreciated
  4. Not a bad shout but I've got a bank of 3 at 3x3m each, so I'll have to price up options ?
  5. I used a concrete stabiliser / sealer when I realised my mistake, but it's pretty much up it I think, it's a mare to clean and the holes left by the gravel coming out are holding water /piss! the resin maybe an option depending on cost compared to re screeding it?
  6. Not sure I know what that is? Do you have any info on it? ?
  7. Don't make the mistake I made.... I've a pal who works for cemex and I asked what strength the cement ratio should be? Unfortunately I'd already done it and now the piss and jet wash has fecked it ? I've now got to redo it. Apparently it's a very strong mix
  8. Dennis up


    I'll give you a tenner for em ?
  9. I'm sure it is but that wasn't the point I was trying to make, it was more about the disregard for the disruption caused to hormone balance ? The gruesome detail was just for dramatic effect
  10. There's been a "canna card" out for a while, with it you can carry an eighth without consequence.
  11. Come see the Albanians round here, they're flooding the place with cheap gear. Can't give it away at the min ???
  12. View Advert Han wag youths boots size 4 Youth or ladies boot size 4, quality pair that haven't seen a lot of use . In excess of 200 quid new, we'll looked after, leather oiled regular. Used for my boy who's now grown out of them, always comfy and dry. Advertiser Dennis up Date 14/09/22 Price £60.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  

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    Youth or ladies boot size 4, quality pair that haven't seen a lot of use . In excess of 200 quid new, we'll looked after, leather oiled regular. Used for my boy who's now grown out of them, always comfy and dry.


  14. You must have some diamonds!! Fecking burger King, I can only dream ? The big tasty will be the death of me
  15. My mates Mrs is a manager there and I have a "friends and family card" anything I like is half price. Its hard to resist ?
  16. It's been a while for him now and he's got used to the balancing act, a lifetime of jabs is not something Id like the idea of! The operation itself was brutal from his explanation (in through the lower abdomen and in his words "like pulling a snooker ball through a hose pipe" ?) and the bruising of his tackle was astounding, I've never seen anything so badly bruised and if you didn't know, there was now way you could tell his peanuts were gone! But the point being, his hormonal changes were drastic and somehow we just dismiss that side of it in dogs, believing we are doing the best
  17. The de-sexing of both genders of dog is ill considered at best, its dismissed as a normal thing to do and even promoted by vets as future proofing for cancer. The hormonal changes are huge and just because the dog can't complain or convey how it feels, no thought is given to the lifetime effect of this "simple operation" You've only got to look at the impact of menopause, the imbalance of hormones can have a massive negative impact on the lives of those that suffer. I have a pal who has had both of his goose eggs removed (cancer at 35) and the poor bugger is a shell of a man, witho
  18. Some dogs will, some won't but only time will tell. The fella is clearly wanting the best for his cur and prepared to explore every possible avenue to learn for himself and from others more experienced, kudos for that ? and I for one wish him all the luck in the world with her, there are a lot of dim-witted muppets in the lurcher game and from what I've read he's got a positive outlook and a brain. Just Keep on going, slow and steady Scott
  19. If its somewhere you pass regularly? You could put a bag of kibble in your truck and give him the odd meal ?
  20. Apologies, It was a momentary lapse of my upper class facade!
  21. If it comes out smelly..... Don't trust them!
  22. What part of Worcestershire are you fella? Ive been here 20 odd years and on my patches there's very few rabbits to go at. the game is mostly larger.
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