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  1. Temperament is an important factor that many breeders of animals in general overlook, they place looks and other traits higher on the list of importance. In my experience its not just physical attributes that are passed on in genes
  2. Many years ago whilst laming a golf course in Worcester, we had stopped for a fag break and to let the dog take 5. We were sat under an old oak and the dog shot forward in the dark, lamp on and it was a polecat Gill with something in her mouth, the dog was steady to our ferrets so didn't touch her but she dropped the item. It turned out to be a kit, eyes still closed. It was slipped into a pocket and taken to a pal who had a Gill with a litter, most of which she'd lost. He was brought up alongside the remainder in an open fronted large hutch, whilst all the others were inquisitive and forward
  3. One of my bitches, lovely tiny little thing. a year old off a dog called crowdyslack slinky of costapakit to one of my older bitches lesburn ibex. Have a look at the ukcockerspanieldatabase, great site with lots of ancestry info on your dogs lineage.
  4. Yeah I can see that that would help, I'm only after a good Bush dog that will push anything and everything out to the runners so the steady gundog part is not that important to me. As long as they come in when called and are stock steady I'm happy for them to get on with the job, the noise is actually a bonus. Mute terriers were an issue for us, who'd have thought the solution was a mental cocker
  5. I've gone over from terriers to cockers, not quite got the killer drive but a joy to run and so easy. Mine love to find deer and give tongue readily (won't ever make ftch!) which suits me, they are from top of the line stock so the trait shouldn't be??
  6. Thanks fellas, I don't want much other than a thoughtful owner
  7. Dog pup is 9 week now and still available, confident and happy thing.
  8. How much are they at your vets?
  9. Been off St Austell for the last couple of days spinning, not a bite. No sign of whitebait pushed to the shoreline, really quiet. Was peaceful at high tide just before 5am though
  10. Super sharp scissors tend to cut the skin at the same length as the tail bone and will leave a bald spot on the end, I'm my experience a pair of side cutter style nail clippers are a bit more suitable. They pinch the skin over the end of the cut point of the tail bone making the skin slightly longer and avoiding the bald end bit. Keep an eye on them for half an hour after just incase there's any bleeds but as previously stated the bitch will normally tend to them adequately.
  11. It's my only hope! My job seekers allowance only just covers the repayments on my massive telly, iPhone 15, sky sports package, Ford focus St, superfast broadband and Chinese four nights a week!
  12. The dream of my own sporting estate and the lifestyle of a 15th century King is still alive
  13. The odds are so extreme these days, my mother has worked in the cash office in asda for 30 year and when the lottery first kicked of the payouts were far higher, since the increase in number choices they have dropped massively. That's why it is not being won for weeks on end and the pots are huge. Even with that info I'm still dumb enough to have a bash and chuck a tenner a week away
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