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  1. Hi Dan, She is a pure whippet Kc reg. she is 30lbs and 21 inches tts Well I like her. It must be cuz she'd prolly get laughed out the show ring cuz she dont ahve bugged out eyes and a roach back. LOL! Nice lookin gyp bro.
  2. Parker, Is your gyp a pedigreed whippet? Or a non ped or how is she bred exactly? Oh ya and about how tall is she and what does she weigh?
  3. No I wasnt talkin bout your dog at all. I was makin a crack at the "whippets" out there that people try to compare with one that looks like Ideations whippet. They just aint the same thing no matter what ya call them.
  4. 27'' whippet??? Lol I think he means his dog is 27" tts and built like a whippet, I think lol Ya so like a greyhound then or does he mean built like shit with the roach back and the overly steep crup with the slab sides and the bug eyes. Ya them dogs really look like they can run.
  5. Ideation, thats is a very nice lookin dog ya got there.
  6. Ding ding ding ding! Yes I know I've spent too many damn years of my life sittin taverns with ole war vets that tell terrible jokes.
  7. I start roading my dogs pretty much as soon as they can jump in the back of the truck on their own and I dont have to get out and toss their ass up in there. I run em down the road, down creeks, around timber, pretty much wherever I can go. I dont know how many days I do it, I just do it whenever I can and yes I do it year round. I'd say they all start around 5 or 6 months old. I run them as often as I can and I hunt them as often as I can. Obviously in the summer I gotta go at night and some nights here are just too damn hot to go out but I go out when I can. All the dogs I raise are to
  8. Or, why are greyhounds fawn, brindle, black and pied as well as grey (blue)? If a bra is an upper topper flopper stopper and a jock strap is a lower decker pecker checker and a golden piece of toilet paper is a super duper pooper scooper. What do you call a Japanese boxer who's father who has diarrhea?
  9. Yes of course I have. I grew up around pretty much nothing but coonhounds and field trial dogs which back then were coonhound x greyhound or coyote dog crosses. They used to call slick dogs greyhounds and hairy dogs deerhounds back then. My dad didnt have a clue what I meant by staghound and I laughed cuz the internet know it alls just love that term. HAHA! And Vargy is a nark sumbitch so I wouldnt be hangin round on that assholes site for nothin.
  10. Naw I dont think thats the case. I really wasnt even concerning myself with our fox cuz I'd never kill one on purpose anyhow. I'm just askin bout yalls half crosses and the fox they run.
  11. Is anybody else gonna answer the question for me? Surely there has got to be somebody else on here with some experience with these half crosses. Most of the half cross anything I have seen in real life or on these videos just wouldnt be fast enough to catch I would think unless double up which I have absolutely no problem with at all even on fox.
  12. I like bigger dogs for what I do but when they start gettin too big you do lose some stuff. You really lose their ability to turn tightly and that can hurt you at times. I dont think you really lose any top end speed except on dogs that just plain aint fast but you do lose some of the early acceleration but once gain for what I do that shit dont hardly matter ever. A big dog though can handle a coyote so much easier than a little dog. Ive had some smaller dogs that were plain ole tough but they just could not handle a 35 pound coyote. They just arent strong enough.
  13. As much as I hate the thought of breeding deerhounds or greyhounds to anything that does seem like one of the good ways to breed them. It would be nice if you could be about 6 to 7 generations deep on both sides though to be honest. I guess yall would call it an F6 or F7.
  14. Its not a problem with line breeding at all its just a problem with breeding period. Nobody knows how the pups of any litter are going to turn out. So many things can go right or wrong when breeding and raising pups. All I know for sure is that if you have a nice healthy litter and one of them pups in there is a good un, YOU CANNOT RUIN THAT PUP. Folks that believe you can are simply wrong. If you ruin them then they were never meant to be in the first place. If you go completely out of your way and try like hell to ruin the pup then maybe just maybe it can happen but 99% of the people o
  15. The only difference between the two is the words line and in. Truer words have never been spoken.
  16. Some lacked a little pace that I seen but most could get the job done though not with the power that some bull x's do the job, some of the collie x's could be accused of "thinking" about it too much at times but not all. Dosen't Uphill run a Hancock blooded dog, Grills I think he's called? How do you rate him on the teeth? Thats not Scotts dog and I've never seen the dog on anything in my life. Stunt owns him.
  17. Thats what I figured. Thanks for your honesty. Now if you are old enough to tell me the truth how were some/most of them. Obviously I know they all werent good but were the majority of them half crosses fast enough to catch fox. And were at least some of them gritty enough to end it. Oh and btw, my dogs are NOT fox dogs. They would suck I assume.
  18. How exactly are you talkin bout the breeding? What bred to what?
  19. How were the half crosses on fox back in the day? Were they fast enough to catch consistantly and were they gritty enough to end it when they did catch? I've always been interested in talkin bout collie crosses especially the border collies. I like them dogs for some damn reason.
  20. I know you say that but have you ever done it?
  21. So if I take a brother and a sister out of this perfectly uniform litter and breed them will all the pups be perfectly uniform?
  22. Well my plan is to do a brother x sister mating within the next year if all goes well and hopefully a half brother x sister mating too. I aint worried at all about deformities.
  23. John Wick bred brother to sister 5 generations in a row and never once had a single problem. He never had a super star either but not one problem and he had the money to do it so he kept every single pup in every litter and hunted the hair off them. Dan I am a big fan of line breeding don't understand genetics much at all though Nobody does bro and I mean nobody.
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