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  1. My young dog from Uphill got here last night. We got 7 coyotes caught now here.
  2. Says the fat beaner.....how ya doin broceph? Miss having you around man.
  3. Caught me one today before I had to get to work. Billy caught 3 for us also.
  4. The hell if I know. I don't care what they are to be honest.
  5. You talk as if you know me or something. Not guilty of kenneling with other males so your entire point is now mute. BWAHAHAHA! And NO I do not want him here. He has about 10x the chance of living to an old age at your place and I want him alive for a long long long time.
  6. Lovin that pic bro. Text that to me. I got the email but I want it on my phone and I don't have a smart phone cuz I'm too damn dumb to run one.
  7. Gonna come a rain so maybe them damn hounds will be able to run a track tomorrow afternoon/evening. Been dry and with harvest goin on and everything combined with them being out of shape and soft they just cant move a track at the moment at all.
  8. Oh ya I forgot bout that deal with the yella dog and T. What the hell do you call him again? Gant? I cant remember nothing anymore.
  9. Oh and also yall need to get that Stitch blood and Grace blood together man. Just f****n trust me on this one dumbass! HAHA!
  10. Nice! That one dog seemed like a big sumbitch. You weigh any of em bro? And btw did I drunk dial you the other night?
  11. Yes I will be letting my lil girl do all the pics and vids this year cuz I've been told by man that I sux. HAHA!
  12. Got out today for my first day out this "season". Dogs way out of shape. One just off pups sorta but they getting older. Don't ask me how old cuz I aint got a clue but they gotta be somewhere near 3 months but they still on here cuz they runnin loose in the yard and I don't want the coyote to nab them at night so she out there at night with em. Anyhow took two hound gyps out tonight. The one on the left is a second season gyp and the one on the right first season. And yes I bred a bitch that never been hunted. If you think I care what you think, think again. HAHA! I hope to post a
  13. Try to get one up along with some pics tomorrow or when I get time. Take care.
  14. Jesus!!!! Cheers Jerry. You've helped prove my point about this ridiculous cross. Crossing anything that doesn't do it is ridiculous if you ask me. I mean I get crossing a lamping dog and a coursing dog together cuz that makes sense or a ferreting dog and a coursing dog. That all makes sense to me but crossing a friggin shit eatin whippet with a shit eatin deerhound is retarded. Now if somebody wanted to take a good rabbit dog and a good deer dog together I'm all for it. Most these purebreds that are being bred are nothing but show stock. Them racing whippets are a
  15. I've had some cur crosses. Friggin amazing animals in my not so humble opinion.
  16. Never! HAHA! A good collie lurcher put to a really good Walker Coonhound would be dynamite.
  17. Every good coyote catcher I have ever owned except one had some sorta cur in them to be honest. The best coyote dog I have ever seen was a Walker dog but he had horrible feet and that's probably the reason he was never bred from but trust me he is the best coyote dog I ever laid eyes. I am talkin "hounds" here by the way not fast dogs but actual cast hunt em up types that also catch and catch quickly.
  18. That's all they have eaten since birth was brown bread. Hell I didn't even let their momma nurse them. Deer x Grey cross Beddy x Whippet sire over Wheatwhipper x Sazuki
  19. lol twat You'd have to be on drugs to want one! Or at least on drugs to breed and or consider one. If a good coyote dog fell in my lap and it was this cross I'd take but I damn sure wouldn't be lookin for one or breeding one.
  20. No but it sounds like something I'd try.
  21. HAHA! Don't you worry. I'm quite sure these lil monsters will be putting up enough critters in the future and eventually yall will get to see what they are. I just cant wait for the next litter I breed. They gonna be even better I think.
  22. When are people gonna stop with all this silly half cross shit and start breeding dogs that are being hunted on the game yall want to hunt instead of just blindly trying this and that? It don't make a damn bit of sense at all.
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